IKEA launches Better Living app to inspire healthier and happier living

Bangalore: IKEA India has launched the IKEA Better Living App to inspire and enable the many to live a more sustainable life at home, by following simple and everyday solutions that can help make a difference. In these extraordinary times life continues at home. A healthy home is a happy home.

Customers can adapt the IKEA Better Living App actions to build their healthy homes while contributing to build a better world. These planet positive actions reiterate that a sustainable life is affordable and for everyone can make a difference.

Over 100 cashback offers as prizes are available for top 100 winners. Top 10 winners can get cash back as much as INR 10,000 per person. Currently, more than 11000 people have started using the app and over ~450 individuals have already joined the challenge. There is an organization level challenge as well, and over 20 teams from leading organizations are taking part in the challenge.

Committed to inspiring over 1 billion towards a low-carbon society in an affordable manner.

“As the world recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to be a part of shaping a new normal that’s better for people and planet. We have a unique opportunity to ‘build back better’ by resetting the system, rather than just restarting it, to tackle the challenges within climate and health, all at the same time. The IKEA Better Living App is aimed towards inspiring and enabling the many people build a more healthy, happy and sustainable life at home.” says Preet Dhupar, Chief Finance Officer and Sustainability Lead, IKEA India.

IKEA Better Living App will be used as a source to take the lead to engage with maximum people in order to inspire action towards a low-carbon society. For this IKEA is offering an easy way to make everyday habits more sustainable – at home or at work. Introducing the IKEA Better Living Challenge- converts sustainability tips into actions that you log in the app when you do them in real-life.

IKEA Better Living Challenge 2020 (Open) is starting 09 Aug 20, is an app-based gaming action where everyone and anyone can join in and act together towards a better home and a happy planet. This will be a 03-week challenge that ends on 24 Aug 20.

After the challenge is over, individuals can continue to use the app and log in their sustainable activities. The challenge is to help as many people as possible to adapt a sustainable lifestyle. Logging the actions will help customers understand how much they are contributing to building a healthy planet. This challenge aims to raise awareness and build knowledge on resource use and ways to reduce environmental footprint.