ILAMED is proud to bring you the State German University MSc Programme

New Delhi: ILAMED brings you an MSc programme in Plasma & Aesthetic Laser Medicine (MSc PALM) of the University of Greifswald, Germany with the teaching staff of DALM Post Graduate Programme from Germany, Austria & Switzerland; Stavropol State Medical University, Russia; Kwangwoon University, Seoul; Leibniz Institute of Plasma Technology, Germany.

The duration of this course is two and a half years (part time) and contains lectures, seminars and hands-on practice, where the students will implement and test; acquired knowledge under clinical and practical conditions, as well as record experiences and individually prepare suitable treatment procedures. On the other hand, a scientific focus where the students will gain an extensive interdisciplinary overview of available methods and possibilities and acquire the ability to scientifically handle methods and their principles in photonic sciences.

The post-graduate education is targeted towards alumni and graduates of all higher education professions involved into research, development and clinical application of laser medicine, not only in aesthetic medicine. Access pre-requisites are a state-approved university degree with professional qualification in human medicine. Institute of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine (ILAMED) is the international incharge of the programme for conducting the programme in English language for the non-German speaking world.

After finishing the post-graduate education, students will have interdisciplinary in-depth knowledge and skills across the area of applied and scientific photonic medicine. Photogenic energy generated by medical laser devices is most important treatment aspect in aesthetic medicine world-wide, however aesthetic laser devices are often operated by untrained personnel, which is no longer allowed in several countries due to latest jurisprudence.

To take into account the different interests of clinical practitioners and of scientific researchers, the study course program can be individually customised. It is a frequent practice to participate alongside professional activities, or to reduce the program with emphasis on particular areas of expertise. Doctors who have already done DALM Program can complete this MSc in One & a Half Years only.