ILAMED organised a unique workshop on Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine at Kolkata

New Delhi: ILAMED ( is one of the few professional educational institutions in the world that provides training and hands-on courses in Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine organised a unique workshop on “Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine” at Kolkata recently. Also, PG Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) and Fellowships in Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Cosmetology were awarded to their physician trainees of Kolkata batch at a glittering ceremony on the last day of the workshop.

According to Dr. Ajay Rana, Founder and Director of ILAMED: “We are extremely glad to hold this very important workshop with the physician trainees’ batch at Kolkata. The development of cosmetology represents an important breakthrough in health and beauty sciences. Great technological developments have already taken place in this field and many are yet to occur. In parallel, there is a growing interest from the clients, who are looking for personalised cosmetic solutions. Simultaneously, Aesthetic Medicine is meeting an unprecedented boom in India, with an increasingly growing number of people in demand of aesthetic care. There is a constant need for trained practitioners and ILAMED is providing the required knowledge & practical training in this area through these workshops all across the country.”

ILAMED follows world-class curricula and international guidelines to provide the latest techniques to the students and turn them into highly competent professionals. The programs are ideal for those looking for a fresh start in their career as well as for physicians or cosmetologists looking to expand their practices.