Ilmarinen Laboratory invites you to take part in the action “Charge”

The Club of Young Teachers and Scientists, the Ilmarinen Laboratory of Petrozavodsk State University together with the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Karelia invite schools, centers of additional education, sports schools and active families of Karelia to take part in the Republican action.

The Club of Youth Initiatives “supports educational, scientific, sports and other youth programs. We devote a lot of time to supporting educational programs for schoolchildren and students.

Now children mostly sit for a long time, lead a sedentary lifestyle. We decided to promote active changes in schools so that children can do physical exercises.

We consulted with the masters of sports who are engaged with the children, actively promoting physical education, they supported us, and we decided to submit this project to the grant competition. We recorded five minutes of exercises on video and sent the video to several schools. The teachers also supported us, saying it was a very good idea. And there was a wave of responses.

We have a group in contact, in which the number of participants is growing every day.

Pedagogues write to us, parents write with a request to send a warm-up video for them. We are very pleased with this. We are glad that our idea found such a response, –

said Olga Shliburite, one of the project organizers.

In total, it is planned to record 12 sports workouts, and all of them will be posted in the group in the contact “Charge!”

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