“ImaginXP” announces its strategic acquisition of “Noesis Learning

New Delhi: ImaginXP, is going the big way after recent funding of $1.5mn by Venture catalyst. The acquisition of Noesis Learning – An EdTech start-up with a strong technology platform that enables a robust digital learning environment and brings technology into the space of career to course mapping.


ImaginXP is helping universities provide future skills degree programmes and for-credit certification courses with corporate-led curriculum, well-trained faculty and the MyCoach platform that brings 1250+ corporate coaches led mentorship & live projects for students. The focus is on student outcomes by enabling universities to provide world class education in India. Founded by Ajay Kumar and Pallavi Singla, and backed by Marwari catalyst, the Noesis learning acquisition is aimed at bringing in digital acceleration for the ImaginXP higher education model.


On the back of the pandemic led disruption and the upcoming implementation of NEP2020, ImaginXP quickly scaled up its online Platform “Mycoach” bringing 15,000+ higher ed students online within a month of its launch. The acquisition of Noesis learning Pvt. Ltd. will further fortify the digital strategy at ImaginXP and bring an experienced team for accelerating the adoption of online learning in the higher education space.


With 20+ years of experience, Ajay Kumar has led technology in the edtech space for the likes of iProf and others before becoming an entrepreneur himself. With his many years of experience and expertise in the edtech space Ajay will be leading the online business at ImaginXP and Pallavi will lead marketing.


Within three years the ImaginXP has partnered with 22 universities across the country and employs 70+ full-time faculty members. 1250+ working professionals act as corporate coaches on the MyCoach platform to train, mentor and create mock work-like environments on projects to increase student employability. There are 300,000 students collectively studying at these partner universities that act as a captive TAM for ImaginXP to train in future skills. With a deep focus on student employability, the company provides for-credit certification in the upcoming fields of design, sunrise technologies and business such as UX, Design Thinking, Gaming design, AIML, cybersecurity, RPA, Robotics, fintech, healthtech and more.


“ImaginXP is on a mission to revolutionise the way students choose their careers and to enable global quality education for them. The acquisition will play a pivotal role in making this happen. The team comes with immense experience and offers a great platform that is helping us provide robust online learning not only to our partner universities but all higher ed students who want to focus on increasing their employability” says Prof. Col. Shishir Kumar, Director General at ImaginXP.


“Noesis digital platform has the ability to bring in acceleration to the well-established university model of ImaginXP. By combining our forces, we aim to capture the university embedded space as well as online degree programmes. It is about bringing our strengths in Edtech together to capture the higher education market” says Mr. Ajay Kumar, Founder and CEO at Noesis Learning.


The Noesis learning platform – “Schoolsonweb” – enables live learning, assessment automation, assignments, doubt clearing forums and connects students and corporate coaches for career focused learning. In addition, till today program/university searches have not gone beyond a basic yellow pages listing. ImaginXP intends to change this by bring tech into the system. The platform will also enable students to find the right programs for themselves based on career goals, personal interest, and market demands.


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