Immerse yourself into the musical and metaphysical fantasy of ‘The King of the Sea’

New Delhi: In his new book ‘The King of the Sea’, author and composer Nandan Gautam takes the reader through a metaphysical odyssey accompanied by a two-album soundtrack. The book offers the readers a uniquely immersive experience in which the author is as much part of the narrative as the protagonist, along with The Voice. These three points of views moving along as streams of consciousness, allow the book to build an experimental road towards narration, which takes the reader on a spiritual adventure as the coiled plot slowly unravels.

Speaking about his experience of writing the book, Mr. Gautam says, “The book is born out of an impulse to put pen to paper. Without a direction, yet heading towards a destination, the book is as much a narration of my inner journey of writing it as it is the protagonist’s epic quest towards truth. In this odyssey, we are joined by another mysterious voice; together forming the trinity of a shifting universe. With an unbridled imagination, I started writing this book in 2012 with only one rule- there won’t be any addition of line or paragraph to what has already been committed to paper.”

Further talking about his expectations from the novel, he says, “There are no dramatic big-reveals in real life. However, every experience brings a new learning and pushes us towards the path of growth. Similarly, the book aims to dive into the minds and hearts of the readers and trigger the deepest layers of their subconscious to slowly unfurl an awakening of ideas and self-reflection. Ultimately, the goal is that, in the end, the reader leaves feeling fulfilled, uplifted and more self-aware. I hope, that reading the book has as much profound effect on the reader as it had on me, while writing it and bringing it to life.”

‘The King of the Sea’ is the first-of-its-kind book that comes to its own two album soundtracks that have been composed by the author, along with contributions from world-class musicians such as Grammy-winner Antonio Sanchez, Pianist Rainer Brüninghaus, Keyboardist Tom Schuman, Drummer Chad Wackerman, Clarinetist Sabir Memmedov, and Guitarists Tony Das, Amit Heri, Ilia Maisuradze and Ananth Menon, among others. Both the soundtracks are available worldwide on famous digital music streaming platforms.

The author/composer Nandan Gautam self-published the book as well as the accompanying music. The music comes freely available with the book, and can be accessed via exclusive link in the e-book version and in the print version through a QR code. Globally, the book is distributed by Amazon (Kindle publishing) and Ingrams. In India, publishing and distribution rights are held by Notion Press.


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