Impact of Pandemic on Organisations” to be published in ‘Abhigyan’- peer-reviewed, journal of Foundation for Organisational Research and Education’ (FORE)

New Delhi: The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has impacted organizations, industries and businesses worldwide. It has applied a sudden brake on the organisation’s function, compelling them to look for and adopt newer ways of survival. Organisations are also experiencing significant changes in personnel behaviours, which have further impacted organisational performance and outputs. It has led to transformation of the working environment processes and procedures, communication and personnel relations, operational, and financial management, etc.

In response to the above, “Abhigyan which is a peer-reviewed, double-blind (refereed) quarterly Management Journal of the ‘Foundation for Organisational Research and Education’ (FORE), focusing on management and organisational research, is publishing a special thematic issue titled “Impact of Pandemic on Organisations” to record the effect of Covid-19 on the functions and activities of the organisations.

It shall cover original research articles and review studies related to sub-themes of challenges and opportunities for organisations, organisational performance management, impact on international students, government policies to help MSMEs and unforeseen consequences of pandemic on organisational development.

“Abhigyan”, which has been published since 1983, provides an appropriate platform for readers across all domains for exchange of ideas. In the present case, this issue with its focus on Covid-19 is intended to help the readers to have further awareness on the impact of the pandemic on various aspects of business and organisational management. It is hoped that this will be a welcome addition to the growing body of academic and organisational research on the post-Covid-19 business environment and help in finding ways and means to respond to the challenges emanating from it effectively.


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