Impactall launches the 3D App to Revolutionise Learning by Transforming Traditional Classrooms

New Delhi: To make learning effective, immersive, and enjoyable Impactall is launching the Impactall Classroom App for Schools. Impactall provides educational 3D and VR app solutions. The app will help students overcome common obstacles faced while learning. Through 3D models, cross-sectional and longitudinal study will be enabled leading to a deeper understanding of subjects. The ease with which knowledge is imparted using the app encourages users to explore unfamiliar and challenging concepts and elicits curiosity.

The Impactall Classroom App’s uniqueness stems from the fact it is not merely an extension of current pedagogic tools. Whereas most educational apps simply transpose information available in textbooks to a screen, Impactall’s app ignites a spark in students’ minds leading to improved cognitive capacity. Existing educational apps cover topics in predictable ways; however, Impactall’s app expands student’s consciousness allowing minds to link seemingly disparate information with ease. Students using the app grow curious about the world and continue learning even outside a formal learning environment. Rather than just teach a subject, the Impactall Classroom App allows students to improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. When students learn using the app their creativity grows and they discover how to find novel solutions to practical problems.

The app is remarkable because it can work offline making it ideal for schools in remote locations where internet connectivity is poor. A distinguishing feature of the app is that it is updated regularly with the latest content. While other educational apps provide immutable content, Impactall’s content is updated regularly; ensuring students remain abreast of the latest findings on every topic.

Unlike other companies in the education space which restrict themselves to a single platform, Impactall is platform and technology agnostic. For each topic, Impactall uses the technology and platform that is most effective for teaching. By not restricting itself to a single platform or technology, Impactall is able to deliver a pedagogically structured learning experience that enhances cognition and facilitates learning.

The app allows teachers to upload notes and its virtual reality applications offer lifelike 360-degree tours. The virtual reality application allows students to perform interactive experiments and go on virtual expeditions.

Impactall has proven technical prowess as it has developed an app that makes a VR experience possible on even the most affordable phone. It is true that VR demands considerable processing power and works best on only the most high-end phones, yet Impactall’s app makes a fully immersive, content-rich VR experience possible even on phones priced below 10K; a remarkable feat of engineering in itself.

Speaking about the launch of the new app, Impactall’s Founder Srishti Mittal said “Learning shouldn’t be seen as learning it should be seen as something that engages your curiosity. Students must be instilled with a curiosity to learn and be able to use the knowledge they acquire to solve real-world problems. To do so, they must whenever possible use knowledge from one discipline in another. That’s creativity. In order for the current generation to excel in the future superior problem solving and reasoning skills will be required. This is why the Impactall Classroom App is essential to the success of every student today. Impactall’s app allows students to develop faculties essential to learning and excelling in the future. We’re confident that students who learn using the Impactall app will learn subjects at a deeper level that is possible elsewhere. This is why we’re so excited about its introduction”.