Impelz 4.0 – The fourth edition of its Annual National Management Fest held


Many innovative and skills testing events such as “Pitch Up” to pitch in new ideas; “The Rebuttal” to check debating and Public Speaking Skills; “Finacea” to test financial acumen and presence of mind were organsied

Hyderabad, January 17, 2018…….Institute of Management Technology(IMT), Hyderabad, the city’s premier B-school conducted Impelz 4.0 – the two day, fourth edition of its Annual National Management Fest.

Powered by Coca Cola, Life Insurance Corporation of India, the event remained true to its motto: ‘Think. Create. Celebrate’ and infused a pulsating energy.

Students from host of B-Schools such as JBIMS, MICA, IIFT, NMIMS Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad, SIBM Hyderabad, VIT Chennai and more actively participated in competitions that required real-life managerial decisions, risk-taking, foresight, and the ability to bring change when needed.

IMT Hyderabad which tied up with 22 Global Universities in 17 countries for student and faculty exchange programs has many student clubs. The student clubs of IMT Hyderabad organized events, which tested the participants’ wits and challenged them to go one step beyond their usual thought process in finance, entrepreneurship, analytics, communications, brand marketing, human resource, strategic business operations and decision making skills.

The two-day grand affair also witnessed outstanding performances by Navrang – The college dramatics team and The Paradigm Shift – The music band of IMT-H.

A live musical performance was held by SwastikThe Band: popular band from Chandigarh, for Coke Studio. Swastik The Band brought the perfect blend of Hindustani culture and the core essence of Indian Culture intertwined with a plethora of cultures.

Followed by Swastik’s power-packed performance was the DJ Night by DJ AbhishekRuparel from Tipsy Stories, a young, modern, popular lounge in Hyderabad, made the crowd dance to heart’s content.

Finacea event tested the financial acumen and presence of mind of its participants.

E-cell Pitch Up event was hosted by the entrepreneurship club of IMT Hyderabad attracted Budding entrepreneurs who came together to pitch in new ideas for a business to convince prospective investors.

Jagriti another event pulled out the major crowd. The Nukkad Nataks on various themes performed by different participating colleges was huge hit.

Rebuttal, was another event which was aimed at exercising the debating and public speaking skills of the participants. The competition was two-fold with the first round, speech craft, as an extempore round and the second & final round in the form of a debate termed ‘the rebuttal’.
Mudra, the dance event, gathered a great audience around the amphitheater.
The audience was full of adrenaline with people cheering and roaring for their respective teams and the grooving over the steps, the music and the competitiveness. A band performance with Richa Khurana and Karan Kumar Gupta as vocalists rocked the stage.

A Ramp Walk event Amaya by Antrangana club kept its pace to provide students with great amount of enjoyment. IMT HYDERABAD performed on the theme of love, lust and power and gathered the major cheering of the crowd.