Implementation of paperless process for grant of Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum(IEM)

New Delhi: Applications for IEM/IL under I(D&R) Act, 1951 are currently accepted through the IEM portal at Through this portal, applications for acknowledgement of IEM – Part A (for establishment of business) and IEM – Part B (upon commencement of commercial production) are filed online by entrepreneurs of prescribed industrial undertakings.TheAcknowledgement Certificate of the IEM is issued physically on paper and scanned copy is uploaded on the portal. Applications for any Amendments to the IEMs are, however,filed manually and Acknowledgment Certificates are issued physically on paper with scanned copy uploaded on the portal. The Acknowledgment Certificates are thereafter emailed to the applicants.

With a view to enhance transparency and ease of doing business, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal trade (DPIIT) has enhanced the IEM portal. The enhanced portal offers online filing of applications for IEM – Part A, Part B and also for Amendments.All applications shall be processed in paperless mode and Acknowledgment Certificates with QR Code shall be issued electronically. The applicants shall also be notified vide email and SMS instantaneously upon approval. Concerned state government shall also be notified by email simultaneously.

Henceforth, no application for IEM – Part A, IEM – Part B and Amendment to IEM already issued shall be filed physically. No physical certificates shall be issued. The electronic certificates issued may be verified online with the assigned QR code.