Implementation of the roadmap activities with the Prionezhsky region

As part of PetrSU’s activities on the prevention of extremism, an interactive lecture-game was held on the Zoom platform for schoolchildren of the Prionezhsky district of the Republic of Karelia.
Students in a game format revealed such concepts as “extremism”, “xenophobia” and “terrorism”, examined their correlation and studied the classification of extremism. Working in teams, the students discussed case studies related to the specifics of legal responsibility for extremist activities. Pupils of Ryboretsk and Sheltozero schools took an especially active part in the lesson.

An interactive lesson was developed by students and teachers of the Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU under the guidance of a senior teacher Eldar Mehtiyarovich Azimov within the framework of the Criminological Monitoring Center’s program for the prevention of delinquency and social and moral deformations among young people.

The event was moderated and developed by Yelizaveta Tarasenko, a master’s student at the Institute of Economics and Law.

The webinar was organized as part of the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between PetrSU and the Prionezhsky District under the Development Program of the flagship university.

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