“Implementation Partners Agreement Signing Ceremony” Between the Department of Archaeology and UNESCO

ithin the framework of the 1972 Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, and its World Heritage Funds, an International Assistance project on “Updating the Tentative List in Bangladesh” is jointly carried out by the Department of Archaeology and UNESCO.

Launching the project, an “Implementation Partners Agreement Signing Ceremony” was held between the Department of Archaeology and UNESCO on 27 January 2020 at the Department of Archaeology.
Mr. Md Hannan Mia, Director General (Additional Secretary) of the Department of Archaeology and Ms. Beatrice Kaldun, Head of Office and UNESCO Representative to Bangladesh together with key staff and the international expert came together and signed the agreement for “Updating the Tentative List in Bangladesh”.

This project will analyze and re-examine the justification of the properties which were included in the existing Tentative List of Bangladesh and assess the potential Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), authenticity and integrity of new properties for inclusion in an updated Tentative List.