In Conversation With International County Shooting Player Shivam Thakur

Shivam Thakur is a name that is well known and respected amongst the sorts and culture community in India and abroad. Besides being a winner of Student Ratna Award, International Croma Award, Youth Award, Voda Award, and many other awards, Mr. Shivam Thakur is the Brand Ambassador of School Games and Activity Development Foundation of Bhutani Group, Board member and National member of many sports bodies and foundations.

We recently got in touch with him for an interview.

Q: It’s a pleasure to be connecting with you. How has the journey been so far?

 Shivam: The journey has just begun, and it has been fulfilling and gratifying so far. I have a mission to inspire students from all backgrounds to take part in sports and cultural activities, and I am glad to be contributing to this mission and national building activity.

I was born in 2002 in Noida in a middle-class family. Since childhood, I excelled in sports like Cricket, athlete, kabaddi, kho-kho, and I had won many medals at the School level.

I became the vice-captain of my school, Sardar Patel School. I had also joined Major Dhyan Chand National stadium Delhi for further practice.

The hard work and practice paid off, and I got an opportunity. I was selected in the Under11 of the Delhi team. I didn’t stop there, and I was also a part of the Under16 U.P cricket team in the year 2013-14.

Q: That’s great to know. Why didn’t you pursue fast bowling to take your dream ahead?

Shivam: In 2015, during an event in Kerala, an unfortunate incident happened, and I suffered from a ligament tear.

Being from a middle-class family, it was not possible for me to get the best treatment a fast bowler needs. This totally shattered my dream to become of India’s best cricketer.

Q: How did you cope up with such tremendous loss and mental agony?

Shivam: The injury nearly made me quit, but the sportsman and fighter inside me was alive. My father, Shri Arun Kumar Thakur also encouraged me not to give up on my dreams. I made it my mission to be an influencer and make a positive impact in the field of sports and culture. Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has given a mission for Fit India, and I am glad to be a contributor to the mission.

I thought to myself, “What if he couldn’t play, I can inspire and motivate others to follow the path of their dreams in fields of sports. In 2017, I started “SGADF-School Games and Activity Development Foundation” to fulfill this dream.

Q: Please tell us more about School Games and Activity Development Foundation (SGADF)

 Shivam: SGADF is a platform for children to achieve their goals by adopting sports as a medium.

School Games and Activity Development Foundation -SGADF is a non-profit organization committed to raising both standard and status of physical education and sports at par with other professionals. The organization is created to serve the state and nations with various programs in sports that are dedicated to inspiring possibilities and opportunities for aspiring candidates.

SGADF has become a platform for children to achieve there breaking goals by adopting sports as a medium. SGADF is  continuously working with the aim of breaking the various cycle of non-transparency of opportunity to privilege and unprivileged children.

Q: How have the results been so far from your efforts for the unprivileged children?

Shivam: School Games and Activity Development Foundation -SGADF has become a pioneer in championing the cause of unprivileged children in the field of sports and culture. SGADF is one recognized by TAFISA, IAKS, ICSSPE.

I have single handily managed to represent and recognized INDIA on an international platform.

I am directly involved in various sports International and National federations. I am trying my best to inspire students from all backgrounds to take part in sports and cultural activates.

Q: In addition to managing SGADF, you have also represented India in county shooting. Tell us more about it.

Shivam: After two years of starting SGADF, I again picked sports, and I took an interest in pistol shooting in 2018. I won my first international award in shooting in Bangladesh.

I also won the Gold and silver medal in Malaysia in February 2020, and I was selected for the July 2020 Dubai Asian games as well.

In addition to this, I have been fortunate enough to have won Star player, federation cup gold medal, Nepal international gold medal, Student player award, International croma award, youth award by IYSA, NCR sports award,  International identity sports award and Conference player of the year.

What is your message to the younger generation and sportsperson?

 Shivam: I have seen many ups and downs come up in my life. I am a firm believer in this statement “it is not wanting to win that makes you a winner, it is refusing to fail.” I am just 18, and my passion and an unending desire to excel has helped me make a difference in my life and the life of others.