In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, Kredily launches an alternative to Attendance Biometric Devices


Bangalore: The world is in the grip of a coronavirus epidemic and the impact of which extends well beyond people’s health, including more than 90,000 confirmed cases and 3,200 reported deaths. Suspected coronavirus cases have also been reported in multiple Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Patna. Looking at the ill potential of coronavirus outbreak, Delhi and Manipur governments have decided to do away with biometric attendance in all state offices as a precautionary measure to counter the spread of the virus.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) may spread through hand contamination and as a precautionary measure, this temporary suspension has been ordered. But companies don’t have to be dependent upon the biometric devices for their attendance tracking, as many public and private organizations in the country use attendance management software.

Kredily, one of the leading Human Resource Management Softwares in India has started providing its Attendance Management App at no cost to companies. This is important as the company uses the web-based authentication system to mark attendance, thus completely rule out the possibility of spreading the virus through human contact.

Kredily’s attendance app helps companies keep track of the time their employees spend on their jobs, while at the same time helping them analyze their work patterns and productivity through advanced reporting systems.

The Attendance App also facilitates companies to track working hours through both web browsers and mobile devices. Using an Attendance Management App is perhaps the best way to reduce employee downtime in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

“This outbreak is a serious issue. I’ve seen many companies doing their bit to restrict the spread and I find it commendable how they are tackling it with measures like – Work-from-home, keeping hand sanitizers, and distributing masks. Speaking of the temporary ban on Biometric Devices, I believe this is a positive step in the fight against the coronavirus. Out of moral obligation, we felt that the least we can do to help companies is to provide our Attendance App for free. In the wake of the epidemic, Kredily is also offering its Enterprise Attendance feature – IP Restrictions for free. This feature restricts attendance to a specific location. This comes in handy for companies where work-from-home is not being practiced. Companies can come on our platform and should start using the Attendance App without any hassle.” – explains Devendra Khandegar, Founder & CEO – Kredily.

Realistically, will hundreds or thousands of people contract the coronavirus through a contact-based biometric system? Probably not, but if you were asked to use such a system today, how comfortable would you be?