Increasing Awareness, Erasing Stigmas: One Life

Reliable & Verifiable Mental Health information and solution is hard to find despite of easy access to internet and many Mental Health service provider. This is where the One Life, a Bhubaneswar-based startup which has been working in this space since 2019, stepped in and started various emotional support platforms, providing seminar and workshops at schools, colleges and corporate.

Zahid Akhtar says, “Our focus is towards a healthy lifestyle which comes from a healthy mind and we dedicatedly focus on overall development of our clients through our online counseling platform. We provide reflective feedback, supportive dialogue and thoughtful inquiry to make the situations clear by our online & offline psychologists. Our Team utilizes techniques, modalities, and theories that have been rigorously studied and researched. Our online counseling focuses only on you and works to understand and guide you to achieve your goals.”

“Since we started, we have done rigorous programs and Online Sessions touching several lives that had become hopeless. Took around hundreds of online sessions with the SME’s and psychologists, especially during the Pandemic,” he says.

One Life is involved in conducting sessions and workshops related to Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence, both Offline and Online mode. The team focuses on providing awareness and a One-Stop-Shop solution for Mental Health. The treatment program that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and social factors that can impact someone’s mental health.

“The onset of pandemic till today, One Life has counseled people not just the ones with Mental Health conditions but those migrants and distressed people who were affected badly. The team went Extra-Miles to make sure the awareness drives through digital media like Radio, News Programs get more effective. A continuous rigor was made to impart LIVE sessions with Psychologists, Counselors, Life Coach and Influencers from various domain speak up and extend their support towards the cause”, says Zahid.

Accessibility and availability is much needed when it comes to actually serving a cause or initiative, One life can be reached out by any means of communication, a call, message, email or through any social media connect.

He says that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, One Life has also worked with corporate and organizations for Mental Wellness of their employees. “We have given more than 20+ sessions for the corporate and Govt. sector. This was to encourage them not to go out, keep themselves indoors, and to keep their motivation, willpower on high. This was the major initiative, and we concentrated more on the people badly affected due to hopelessness he says, adding that there are many people who still have to be reached out.

“One Life is proactively approaching more corporate and institutions for collaborations and support to make it more accessible to almost every nook and corner of the world. If anyone needs to help and support, can directly reach us through social media and contact,” he adds. 

The company is all being run on personal capacity and aims at raising funds. “We are already in talks with investors and Incubators to help us make a mentally healthy society. We are also in collaborations with organizations who can partner us for the cause, few are already on talks. People can see what we are trying to do. We are also happy to have deeper discussions with those who want to be a part of our initiatives,” Zahid says.

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