Increasing demand for Ayurveda medicines produced by the Chhattisgarh Small Vanopaj Association

AYUSH Department bought 12 medicines worth Rs 1.24 crore from the union in the first consignment
Raipur: Purchase of ‘Chhattisgarh Herbal’ by government departments on the initiative of Forest Minister Shri Akbar as per the intention of Chief Minister Shri Baghel
Tribal-forest collectors will also get maximum benefits of processing
The demand for Ayurveda medicines produced by the State Miniature Vanopaj Association in Chhattisgarh has started increasing on the initiative of Forest and Climate Change Minister Shri Mohammad Akbar as per the intention of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel. In the same time, 12 different Ayurveda medicines are being purchased from the Sangh worth Rs 24 crore in the first consignment during the current year by the State Ayush Department. These include unpattikar powder, hingvashtak powder, pushyanug powder, trifla powder, ashwagandha powder, asparagus powder, multhi powder, sitopaladi powder, panchasakar powder, arjunatvak powder, mahavishgarbha oil and chavyanprash avleh.
Several important steps have been taken by the state government to maximize the collection of miniature forestry as well as processing to collectors including tribal-forest dwellers in the state. This has led to a continuous increase in income for collectors from processing works where more and more employment opportunities are available, apart from collection. It is proud that in the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel on last 25 February it has been decided that the purchase of Ayurvedic medicines produced by Chhattisgarh State Miniature Vanopaj Cooperative Association under the budget available by the Government Department. Chhattigasarh Miniature can be done without tender from Vanopaz Cooperative Association. Also, all the products of ‘ Chhattisgarh Herbal ‘ are being made under the ‘ Chhattishgarh Herbal ′′ brand and sold through Sanjivani to government departments, initiatives of the state under the Chhattisagarh State Miniature Vanopaj Association, 10 percent discount in the MRP set by the Sanjeevani Decision has also been made to give.
As a result, government departments and initiatives in the state have started procurement of Ayurveda medicines from the State Small Vanopaj Association. Managing Director of State Miniature Vanopaj Association Mr. Sanjay Shukla said that it was currently purchased by the State AYUSH Department. Yes. M. S. C. Been going through. Among the total purchase of AYUSH department, the purchase of non-controversial powder worth Rs 8.36 lakh, Hingwashtak powder worth Rs 12.26 lakh, Pushyanug powder worth Rs । 2.48 lakh and Triphala powder worth Rs. 4.03 lakh. Similarly, Ashwagandha powder worth 21.38 lakh rupees, Asparagus powder worth 7.93 million rupees, Mulethi powder worth 3.97 lac rupees, Sitopaladi powder worth 15.03 Lakh rupees, five lakh rupees powder, 1.25 Includes the purchase of Arjunatvak powder worth lakh rupees, Mahavishgarbha oil worth Rs 9.52 lakh and Chyavanprash Avleh worth Rs 30.05 million.
In these, unpattikar powder 200 grams for Rs. 500, Hingwashtak powder 200 gms for Rs.. 395, Pushyanug powder 200 gm for Rs. Triphalachurna 500 gm 170 Rupees, Ashwagandha powder 180 Gram 585 rupees and asparagus powder 500 gram 295 rupees is priced. Similarly, Mulethi powder 100 grams 80 rupees, Sitopaladi powder 500 gms 645 rupees, Panchsakar powder 500 gm 350 rupees, Arjunatvak powder 100 gram 45 rupees, Mahavishgarbha oil 50 Me. Ltd. 105 Rupees and Chyavanprash Avaleh 250 grams is priced at Rs. 125

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