Indeed launches ‘Career Guide’ in India


Bengaluru: When searching for work opportunities, job seekers are often confronted by a number of dilemmas, be it choosing the right job role, or facing an interview, or negotiating for a higher salary, among other concerns. In fact, the entire process of job search can be a nerve-wracking one, especially without any guidance or support.

In a bid to combat these uncertainties, job seekers often turn to various sources of information, such as social media, or online videos and podcasts that address their concerns. A survey by Indeed in India among millennials finds that while less than 20% of job seekers rely on online sources for assistance in job search, 46% of job seekers, in fact, depend on advice from their friends to curb the apprehensions that come with job search.

In order to address these apprehensions that job seekers face through the entire span of their career, from doubts that arise during the hiring process, to negotiating at the workplace, Indeed, the world’s no. 1 job site, has launched ‘Career Guide’ in India, where job seekers can find all that they need to know about jobs and careers in one place – based on everything we’ve learnt about helping people get jobs.

In keeping with its mission of helping people get jobs, Indeed’s Career Guide is a repository of information on all facets of the job search process, ranging from how to choose a career, to how to ace interview questions, to negotiating salaries, among other topics, that is available completely free of cost to job seekers. Through various articles and videos categorized as per the different stages in a candidate’s journey while seeking a job, Career Guide seeks to empower job seekers and help them get their dream job.

To illustrate, here is an article from Indeed Career Guide that offers tips on how to ideate, craft and deliver an effective professional introduction, through a commonly used tool – the elevator pitch. The piece takes a detailed approach, beginning with explaining what an elevator pitch is, and the advantages it offers in setting expectations and communicating what one has to offer; followed by a step-by-step technique on creating your own personal elevator pitch. This is further supplemented by multiple examples set to different contexts, such as job interviews, seeking mentorship, networking, and so on.

Whether one is seeking better prospects or looking for an entirely new avenue of work, the process of job search remains highly personal and must be customised to meet individual requirements. Given that job seekers today search for jobs two to three times a week, and spend anything from 30 minutes to an hour a day on the same, it is essential that the process be personalised to ensure accuracy in job matching. With helpful tips on how to tailor resumes to fit job descriptions, interview techniques, and so on, the Career Guide aims to cater to specific job seeker concerns that arise during the job search process.

Mr. Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “Embarking on a new career, or navigating the professional landscape can often be daunting, especially when there is no one to assuage your fears. Understanding job seeker needs during various phases at work, we seek to provide a one-stop solution for career development and job search advice for the Indian job seeker.”

At present, the guide provides advice on finding a job, succeeding at interviews, creating resumes, creating cover letters, and succeeding at work. The guide can be accessed by job seekers through the URL on both mobile and desktop devices.

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