India to have 20 lakh openings in Digital Marketing by 2020

New Delhi: Great Learning, India’s largest Ed-tech company for working professionals announced the launch of its new program in Strategic Digital Marketing. The 6-month program is delivered online with weekend mentorship sessions conducted by experienced faculty and industry veterans. By the end of the program, learners will be equipped with enough understanding to be able to take up an entry level role in the field professionally. From freshers who are looking to make a career in this field, to working professionals who are looking to switch to digital marketing from traditional sales or marketing backgrounds and even business owners who wish to grow their business online, the program is relevant for a wide set of audiences. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate from Great Lakes Institute of Management, one of India’s Top 10 management institutes.

According to a recent study, around 2 million jobs are expected to be created in the field of digital marketing by 2020. Digital media currently accounts for 17% of total ad spends, its share is expected to zoom to 21% by the next year and to 29% by 2021. This has led to massive interest in the field from both freshers as well as existing marketers who want to add new skills to their arsenal to stay relevant. With shortage of digital marketing talent being a global phenomenon, the field also presents opportunities to work virtually with international brands. From technology players like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Hotstar, Rivigo and Drivezy to traditional industry titans like Godrej, IDFC, Kotak, and Samsung, companies of all sizes are looking to hire digital marketers.

The program will equip students with a wide range of skill sets including SEO, Email and Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Management and Mobile Marketing. They will also learn how to combine these skills to run campaigns and get hands-on experience in using tools to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. The theoretical foundation of the program has been developed by Prof. Anirban Chaudhuri ( Ex. Sr. VP, J Walter Thompson) and other distinguished faculty from Great Lakes Institute of Management. Hands-on training will be provided through experienced industry practitioners from organizations like Max Life Insurance, Anveya Living etc. through online lab sessions. The program also consists of a 4-week long capstone project which is a mandatory application-oriented project to be undertaken by all students to develop the acumen to solve real-life business problems.

Some of the roles in digital marketing that are in demand are SEO Executive, Web Analyst, Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager. Entry level professionals with an experience of 2-5 years are commanding salary packages ranging from Rs. 6-18 lakhs annually while those with an experience of 5-10 years can easily earn around Rs. 30 lakhs annually. Bangalore and Mumbai are the top cities when it comes to the demand for digital marketing professionals.

Arjun Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning said, “Marketing follows the consumer and with consumers dwelling online today, the demand for digital marketers is obvious. The fundamentals of marketing still remain the same – but a deep knowledge of these channels is required for anyone looking to build out a career in marketing. Our program not only covers the tools and techniques for these new-age media, but also delves deeper into marketing and communication strategy. The idea is to enable a professional to marry a top down strategic view with a ground up knowledge of tools and techniques.”