India becomes No 2 country in production of PPE & N95 masks, avers Pharma professionals during IPGA Conclave 2020

New Delhi: The Indian Pharmacy Graduate Association (IPGA) Conclave was conducted online by Amity University to discuss the role played by Pharma in this Challenging COVID-19 Pandemic and deliberations were put forward on the possible future perspectives for better dealing with the situation. The conclave focused on ‘How World is Looking Towards India After Covid-19’.

The webinar brought together pharmacists, industrialists, academicians and clinical researchers that enlightened more than 1000 young pharmacists and also apprised students of the various upcoming career opportunities.

Addressing the virtual gathering, Dr. B.R. Sikri, a renowned Pharma professional and successful Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur in API, Intermediates, Formulations, imports, exports etc. addressed the young pharmacists and informed the audience that 68% dependability for API and KSM is on China; 3% on Italy; 4% on US; 3% on Singapore; 2% on Hong Kong and 20% on other countries. He shared how Government of India has come forward with a very attractive scheme of incentive that will be given to the manufacturers of fermentation based products and 10% incentive will be given to those manufacturers who produce synthesized chemical based API or intermediates and thus dependability on China will drastically come down.

He also explained that immune system of the Indian population is stronger than other countries because 65% population is young and below the age of 35 years. Another important issue raised by Mr. Sikri was that in March 2020, India had zero production of N95 masks and PPE Kit whereas in short span of two months India became number 2 country in the world with the country being able to produce 2 lakh kits and 2 lakh N 95 mask daily and it has picked up 7000 crores worth of market in just two months.

Mr. Atul Kumar Nasa, President IPGA explained how the Government and Drug Control Department are playing a dynamic role in fighting this pandemic. Mr. Nasa said that it is the need of the hour to be independent and not rely on any country for APIs. Prof. (Dr.) Arun Garg, Professor Pharmacology and General Secretary of IPGA, discussed about Remdesivir, a drug that is being used to cure COVID-19 in USA and approved by U.S. FDA. Remdesivir triphosphate acts as an analog of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and results in delayed chain termination during replication of the viral RNA.

He also explained that BCG Vaccines are useful to treat COVID-19. BCG has 30-50% reduction in mortality which is due to reduction in respiratory tract infections and neonatal sepsis and BCG protects against viral infections and in India, Serum Institute will be manufacturing the vaccine being developed by Oxford University, but no Indian company seems to be in the first curve of vaccine development. He also informed the audience that Hydroxy chloroquine is not effective against infection caused by COVID-19 (In the New England Journal of Medicine) and convalescent plasma (CP) was used to treat severely ill COVID-19 patients in China which involved taking antibodies from cured Covid-19 patients and injecting them in the blood of sick patients suffering from coronavirus.

Dr. Satyendra Kr. Rajput, Director Amity Institute of Indian system (Joint Secretary Central –IPGA) encouraged all the participants to practice yoga, meditation and consume immunity boosting drinks and food as per their prakrati.

Dr. Vijay Bhalla, Dean, SGT University who played an important role in organizing the conclave, apprised the young pharmacists of the upcoming job opportunities. Apart from him Dr. P.K. Jaggi, Advisor IPGA & former Head of Office and Licensing Authority; Shripat Singh, Vice President IPGA Central and Former Deputy Director and Joint Director, Industries Department, Government of Bihar; Sh. Bharat Bhusan, Trustee IPGA; Dr Ajay Sachan, Assistant Drugs Controller (India), CDSCO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India; Dr. MN Rao Director & President: Suraksha Naturals Inc., USA; Dr. Jay Balan Govindaswamy, Dean, Rajasthan University of Health Sciences; Dr. Rahul Garg Principal at Venkateshwar Institute of Pharmacy, Sai Tirupati University; Dr Abhishek Singh, Principal, Prakrati College of Pharmacy, Karnataka; Dr. Neerupma Dhiman & Dr. Arti Takkar Amity University enlightened the pharmacists.