India highlights efforts in preventing spread of coronavirus at roundtable on using STI for SDG on good health & well-being

New Delhi: India highlighted its efforts in preventing the spread of corona virus and development of new drugs, vaccines, and other innovative measures for curing the covid-19 patients at a high-level roundtable on ‘Using Science, Technology, and Innovation to close the gap on Sustainable Development Goal 3 on good health and well-being’.

Reading the message on behalf of Secretary, DST, Prof Ashutosh Sharma, at the high-level roundtable held as part of the 24th Session of the United Nations-Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UN-CSDT), Dr. S K Varshney, Head, International Division, Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India highlighted the covid-19 vaccination drive launched by Govt of India for taking care of overall health and well-being of all sections of society.

The participants of the virtually organized high-level roundtable organised on 18th May 2021 included Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure of Gambia, Minister of Science and Technology of Philippines, Minister of Science and Technology of Pakistan, and Secretary (Education), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Nepal, in addition to the panelist from WHO, Academician from Brazil and Board Chair of Woman in Global Health, United Nations Young Leader for Sustainable Development Goals.

The panelists and Ministerial delegations discussed at length on measures and initiatives launched by respective governments for using science, technology, and innovation to close the gap on sustainable development goal 3 on good health and well-being, particularly during and post-corona pandemic.


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