India Literacy Board (ILB) Appoints Dr Sunita Gandhi as the new Vice-Chairman


Lucknow: Indian Literacy Board announced that its Board of Directors appointed its new Vice Chairman – Dr Sunita Gandhi, who also holds the prestigious position of the President of the Executive Committee, Purchase Committee and the Staff Selection Committee.


Commenting on her appointment, Dr Gandhi stated, “I take this opportunity to thank the board for unanimously electing me as Vice Chairman. It is indeed a great honour for me, as this appointment is a testimony to my peers’ confidence in me. Being Vice Chairman is a vital responsibility in leading and strengthening the ILB for the next three years. Under the leadership of our chairman, it would be our collective endeavour to lift the reputation of our organisation to even greater heights. I would like to take up this challenging responsibility wholeheartedly and will assure to give it my best efforts.”


The eminent personality has managed to carve a niche for her in the history of revolutionising the academic system. She is also an educational philanthropist and has been teaching several children in the state for free of cost. She holds a doctorate in Physics, Trinity College, Cambridge University, UK. Her passion for education propelled her career to become President and Co-Founder of the Council for Global Education, USA. A notable visionary herself, she has travelled to 49 countries to study the education system in these countries. She is also the author of Literacy Now, Bloomsbury India, which is tentative to release later this year.


About 500 schools in India use training, curriculum and assessments directed by this renowned educationist. She has given her franchise to more than 20 schools across India and is incubating an education based on the principle of ‘Compete with Yourself!’


The members of the ILB are delighted to welcome Mrs Sunita Gandhi in her new position and wish her all success in her continuing tenure.


About Dr Sunita Gandhi:


Dr Sunita Gandhi, India’s leading educationist scaling up disruptive literacy and education and is the vision behind the Global Education & Training Institute (GETI) and Global Classroom Private Limited (GCPL). With her several years of experience in the education industry, Dr. Gandhi has managed to create a space for herself in the history of revolutionizing the academic system.

After completing her Ph.D. from Cambridge University, UK, Sunita went on to become President and Co-Founder, Council for Global Education, USA. While academics remained her first love, she wanted to leave an impact on the younger minds rather than spending her youth in a closed environment. And so, she traveled across the globe and studied the education systems of 39 countries and spoke at several conferences including the recently held BETTA Asia. This passion for education comes as a family heirloom to Sunita as they are known for running the world’s largest school, Guinness World Record holder, City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow. CMS is also the world’s sole school recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Dr. Sunita Gandhi has spearheaded many institutions in her career and has been vocal about her views o how the education systems across the globe need a new and advanced approach as opposed to the conventional way of teaching. Known for industry knowledge, research, and leadership skills, she has been honored the prestigious Young Professional Programme (YPP); presented with the Most Outstanding Contribution to Development Award; and invited to Finland as the keynote speaker for their largest gathering of educators by the Finnish National Board of Education.

She has also pursued her research in Iceland, UK and India, focused on the premise of ‘Compete With Yourself’, which has also been published in a 2017 print edition by Palgrave Macmillan, UK.


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