India Model United Nations set to unite the Youth towards Climate Action

New Delhi: To enable India’s youth of over 356 million and counting to drive the biggest sustainability agenda for a climate-resilient world, our country’s very first pan India Model United Nations (India MUN) is rolling out an extensive 4-day virtual event for students placed across the nation in December. Focusing on climate action-based agenda to sensitize the youth around climate crisis, the programme is backed by the UNFCCC, UNEP, CBSE board, universities, and corporates. The 2021 programme, which is scheduled between December 21 – December 24 for schools with the support of educationalists and institutions will host an array of activities focused on Climate Action which will include dialogue, deliberation, and tremendous learning through expert learning.


With the COP26 Conference underway where PM Modi comprehensively addressed India’s role in mitigation, adaptation, and resilience-building measures for the climate crisis by going Net Zero by 2070 – we need concerted efforts from governments, businesses, communities especially the youth to build a climate-resilient world. Given our Youth’s influence on business and political leaders, they are more equipped for continual, intergenerational participation. Designed to address issues around climate change and biodiversity, India MUN will not only enable the learning integral to climate action but will empower the youth with the right skill set, tools, and a platform to engage in political processes related to Climate Action.


Ms. Gayatri Chauhan, Founder of India MUN at the launch of the 2021 Climate Action Programme spoke about the significance of mobilizing and sensitizing them around Climate Action. “India can’t afford to be a victim of climate change. The stakes are very high! India needs to leap forward with breakthrough reforms, policies, frameworks, and innovations in the field of sustainability and climate action combining traditional wisdom with science and technology. To make this vision a reality, we are blessed with the highest demographic dividend, our youth force and we need to make them capable. This decade of action belongs to the youth of India to help transition the world from inaction and climate activism to real climate action.”


While governments and businesses are working towards building the foundation for a climate-resilient future; the youth will spend a substantial portion of their lives contributing towards climate mitigation. With education being paramount in driving sustainability amongst the children and youth; Indian academia must facilitate a learning environment about climate change, disaster risk reduction, and biodiversity.


Hon’ble Suresh Prabhu, Member of Rajya Sabha and India’s Sherpa to the G7 and G20 in his inaugural address emphasized the imperative of sustainable development. “We all know that sustainable development goals are so critical for humanity for everybody’s survival. If you can invest in all of them and implement them in spirit then the world will be a much better place, much more equitable, much cleaner, much happier. And to do that, we must ensure that we involve people at large in this endowment. I’m very happy that young leaders have come forward and are going to put a strong commitment to making this a reality. If we work together with the world community, particularly the youth of the world, we can reverse a trend which is taking us to imminent disaster.”


Through the India Model United Nations programme, India’s youth can develop skills related to climate change mitigation by learning about the disproportionate impact of climate change and discuss to find solutions to address climate change. A programme like India Model United Nations can help India’s youth transition towards a strong climate-conscious workforce, leaders, and citizenry. The programme invites the youth and esteemed academic institutions – schools and colleges to come on board to shape India’s future – a climate-resilient one with the help of India’s Youth.



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