India needs to have a consolidated approach towards India- East Asia & Oceania Region

New Delhi: India has grown its relations with India- East Asia & Oceania countries and will continue to do so in the upcoming years deliberated in the session of India- East Asia & Oceania Day: Changing Dynamics of Indian Relations in the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s International Week.


H.E. Mr. Muktesh K. Pardeshi, High Commissioner of India, New Zealand highlighted the rich demographic presence of the Indian diaspora in New Zealand. He acknowledged the lack of realizing the full potential of the business relationship between India and New Zealand and proposed a consolidated regional approach towards the Oceania region with New Zealand serving as an entry point for an evolved relationship.


He emphasized the growing economic contribution of people of Indian origin in New Zealand. He said there is a need for a more intensive bilateral trade and invited his New Zealand counterpart for June 2020-21 business summit.


H.E. Mr. Barry Robert O’Farrell, High Commissioner, High Commission of Australia appreciated the political, economic, and social ties dedicated to the economic recovery of the two countries of India and Australia. He also praised Indian efforts in combating the Covid-19 pandemic on account of it being the pharmacy of the world. He talked about the vast economic potential of strategic partnership and opined that the scope of business to do together is vast because India is the 8th largest trading partner and 6th largest export market of Australia in 2019.


H.E. Mr. David Pine, High Commissioner, High Commissioner, High Commission of New Zealand opined three major points of political engagement, connectivity, and cultural linkages for increasing business partnership between India and New Zealand and was open to bilateral delegations between the two countries.


Mr. Ajay Poddar, Chair, International Affairs Committee for East Asia, South East Asia, and Oceania, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlighted the historical ties between India and the East Asian and Oceania countries on account of long cultural connections.


Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General, PHD Chamber proposed the formal vote of thanks and shared his earlier successful 2017 delegation to New Zealand. He stated that prospects of bilateral trade are recognized mutually.


The session was moderated by Mr. Naveen Seth, Assistant Secretary-General, PHD Chamber, and was attended by many industry stalwarts around the world.