IndiaAsha Brand ambassador, ace marathoner Ashish Kasodekar takes part in Worlds’ most demanding footrace: The Badwater 135 at DeathValley, CA, USA

IndiaAsha Foundation’s brand ambassador & ace marathoner Ashish Kasodekar will participate in world’s most difficult footrace- the Badwater 135 at DeathValley, California, USA. The run is being sponsored by IndiaAsha Foundation- a leading non-profit organization and supported by few other members like PNG Jewellers, Shipco Transport, and Team Global.

Covering 135 miles (217 km), this non-stop marathon starts from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, the Badwater 135. This is considered the most demanding and extreme running race among all the ones on the planet as it begins at the lowest elevation in North America and finishes at one of the highest points in the contiguous US. Importantly, Kasodekar is the only Indian to participate in this prestigious race. He is being actively supported by a group of expert crew members including Arvind Bijwe, Geeta Gokhale, Harikrishna Dammalapatti, and Nepal Singh (who is based out of LA).

Kasodekar has many feats to his credit. He is the first and only Indian to finish one of the world’s most difficult marathons -the 555 km long La Ultra marathon in Ladakh of India. He is also a finisher of the extreme ultra race of 60 km held at Mt. Everest’s base camp at 17,600 feet. The ace marathoner has also participated in one of the toughest trail runs of the world- ‘Brazil 135’.

With a multifaceted personality and an inspiring life journey, Kasodekar embodies everything natural and healthy in our lives. His life philosophy is deeply aligned with IndiaAsha’s core values of promoting health and wellness among all citizens. Kasodekar at the age of 50 has completed 61 marathons in consecutive 61 days in his latest attempt to be figured in the ‘Guinness World Record’. This indicates the vigour, energy, and liveliness of this ace sportsperson. Therefore, through his participation in the Badwater 135 race at DeathValley, he will carry a message of ‘health and wellness’ among general populace. Both Kasodekar and IndiaAsha Foundation will also seek donations from generous patrons for promoting this important theme across rural regions of India.

IndiaAsha Foundation has been actively promoting health awareness and preventing healthcare practices across rural regions of the country. It has run several campaigns for building AIDs awareness along with conducting multiple blood group checkups and nutritional counselling programmes among others.

Commenting on Kasodekar’s participation in world’s most difficult footrace, Chief Patron of IndiaAsha Foundation, Sanjeev Dahiwadkar said, ”We are proud to see Ashish Kasodekar, who is the brand ambassador of IndiaAsha Foundation, participating in the Badwater 135 race at DeathValley. He will be the only Indian to participate in this prestigious event this year. As an ace marathoner, Kasodekar has won many accolades across the world. His life carries the message of vibrancy, adventurism, and holistic wellness. Therefore, his participation in world’ most difficult race will inspire many patrons to donate generously to promote the cause of health and wellness across India.”

Commenting on this participation, famed sportsperson Ashish Kasodekar said, “I’m very excited to take on the most difficult challenge of my marathon career- Badwater 135 race at DeathValley. The race has always been the dream of all marathoner across the world. My participation facilitated by IndiaAsha Foundation will drive the message of promoting health and wellness. Throughout my life, I have been advocating the advantages of fitness to our younger generation. I hope, many people will come forward to support this cause.”

Established in 2001, IndiaAsha Foundation has been working relentlessly to uplift the quality of life of people living in rural and tribal areas. In the last two decades, the Foundation is deeply involved in promoting education, civic duties, healthcare, sustainable livelihood, social causes, and civic duties among rural citizens.

In the education sector, IndiaAsha’s ‘Indeea’ project has been instrumental in imparting soft skill development and career-oriented computer courses to students in rural areas of Maharashtra. The project also promotes STEM activities through collaboration with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Centre in rural areas.

Similarly, the 7-year-old Project SHARP (School and Home Applicable Remedial Programme] is another flagship project of IndiaAsha Foundation. Under this initiative, the Foundation facilitates the normal development of children with any learning difficulty through specialized remedial coaching. ‘SHARP’ has conducted 5,613 hours of sessions on average 15 schools constituting 5,379 students in which 15 trainers had run various awareness campaigns, participative workshops, proactive competitions, psychological counselling, and remedial coaching. Out of 5,379 participants, 3,139 students passed their final examinations and joined mainstream education.

IndiaAsha Foundation has been running various healthcare interventions like building AIDs awareness campaigns, blood group checkups, and nutritional counselling among others. The Foundation has also been promoting environmental awareness programmes, voting rights, and no to bribes among others under its civic duties’ initiatives. It also promotes literature & art-related activities by organizing various cultural group activities, promoting books by new artists, and running a magazine that spreads knowledge-based articles among others.

Currently, it has embarked on a journey to establish an exploratory lab for young children, rare books reprinting, and a learning disabilities school for the upliftment of rural people. The Foundation is actively seeking patrons and donors, who can generously contribute to these noble causes. Your financial support will help us promote many such activities and build better India.