Indian chamber of commerce (ICC) on the occasion of ‘World Yoga day’ organized web-interactive Session

New Delhi: Indian chamber of commerce (ICC) on the occasion of ‘World Yoga day’ organized web-interactive Session on “Vision for holistic lifestyle and natural consumption for the future of India and planet”, the chief guest of event is Governor of Telangana was welcomed by Rajiv Reddy, chairman southern council.
Dr. GBK Rao, CMD, Pragati Health Resorts (Pragati Group) and Biodiversity expert and also the Chairman of ICC Committee on “Agriculture & Food Processing Sector, was the Special Guest. He interacted with the Chief Guest Mrs. Tamilisai, the Governor of Telanganaon the importance of vedic food habits to lead a holistic life style to protect living beings and the Planet Earth as well. This Interactive session was conducted by ICC (Indian Chamber of Commerce) in association Isha foundation, Coimbatore on 20th June 2020, at 4:30 pm to 5.30 PM.
Dr. GBK while initiating the interaction with the Governor, said – holistic life depends on four pillars: what we think (Divine thoughts), what we eat (Healthy diet – Vedic food), how we farm (Natural farming), where we live (Living with nature). ‘Indian Vedic way of living’ is the perfect way to lead a holistic lifestyle by up keeping the sound health of body, mind, soul and the Planet.
He also emphasized the imminent need to cultivate the habit of growing plants, cows and promote cow-based natural farming and also healthy habits for holistic lifestyle to protect ourselves and the Planet as well.
Dr. GBK Says, it is the mankind who damaged the ecology for their greediest aspirations in the guise of development and the ultra-modern lifestyles. It is our Responsibility to conserve the ecology by planting more trees, habituating vedic food (harithaahaaram) viz. Millets, Pulses, Herbal Decoctions and Palm jaggeryinstead of unhealthy Rice, Wheat and Sugar cane which consume more water and contribute to the ecological imbalance. Due to excess and unprofessional usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers the soil is contaminated with the particles of arsenic, led, mercury which are hazardous to health. It was also stressed that Telangana farmers are using 185 kgs of chemical fertilizers per acre as against the national average of 52.1 kgs per acre. This is 261% above to the national average consumption of chemical fertilizers. The soil pollution is the root cause for pollution of five elements and the environment as well. COVID-19 is only a starting and hundreds of such viruses are going to erupt. The Only answer to face these challenges is to practice Indian vedic food culture and cowbased natural farming.