Indian Cricketer R. Ashwin joins BridgeLabz classroom to experience experiential learning as part of the #TaketheBridge campaign

New Delhi: BridgeLabz, an AWS-recognized incubator focused on solving tech employability, has recently launched the #TaketheBridge campaign, which focuses on providing 100% tech employability through experiential learning approach.


In today’s times learning to code usually is done by just watching online videos or through an offline theoretical classroom setting. However this does not give any practical problem solving experience to the learners and hence they remain under confident. This eventually reflects in them not being able to secure their dream software development jobs.


Through the #TaketheBridge campaign, BridgeLabz is inviting engineers, freshers in the IT domain, college students, and professionals in IT and engineering who want to upgrade to a high-paying tech job. The campaign promotes the platform’s experiential learning approach to groom engineering talent. With its 500+ hours of coding, 16 weeks online program, 1:10 mentorship ratio, and 100% live sessions, the system benefits the candidates and not just helps them be job-ready but get them their dream job 100% guaranteed!


R. Ashwin, an Indian cricketer, also attended one of the BridgeLabz classroom sessions as part of the campaign. The off-spinner, who is an engineer by his educational background and also has experience of working in the IT industry before taking up cricket professionally, shared his experience with the candidates.


Speaking about his experience in the BridgeLabz classroom, R.Ashwin said, “It has been 13-14 years since I was in an engineering classroom. Being in the BridgeLabz class made me realise how hard it was to understand coding back then. However, I am inspired by BridgeLabz’s experiential learning approach. It is practical and helps candidates prepare to be job-ready. A platform like BridgeLabz is helping engineering graduates gain more confidence, and making coding a lot more fun.”


Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz, said, “We have always aimed at narrowing the gap between the demand for tech talent and job readiness among candidates. With our #TaketheBridge campaign, we are taking a step ahead and introducing candidates to experiential learning. With this, we aspire to deliver high paying tech jobs to over a million tech professionals by 2025.”


Within the first 2 days of launch of the campaign the video has received over 100k+ views already!