Indian crypto exchange launches education program

While crypto and blockchain have become more and more popular over the last couple of years, they are still not ‘mainstream’ topics of discussion. There are still millions of people who have no clue about cryptocurrencies, and many of those who have heard of them have no idea what they are or how they work. Given how cryptocurrencies could conceivably mark the beginning of the future for finance, it is extremely important that people are educated around their use, the need for crypto, as well as the various applications that blockchain can have. One of the best ways to do this is to engage those who already have some interest in the space. Crypto trading exchanges are therefore a very good potential platform for such education programmes, since their customers will definitely have an interest in learning more about crypto, given that they are investing their money in it. Thus, it is encouraging that an Indian crypto exchange has launched just this sort of initiative.


CoinDCX, the cryptocurrency exchange platform mentioned earlier, has launched a learning platform for users to learn more about blockchain and crypto. It was launched earlier this year, and will have guides, courses, articles and lectures to help people gain a better understanding of the space. The aim is to lay the groundwork for financial inclusion by using crypto, as well as opening new markets for investment by people, and make it easier for them to navigate crypto markets. The content is very easy to understand, with visuals, infographics and videos to make it accessible for everyone, even those who have no idea about crypto. CoinDCX has also stated that they are in talks with various Indian universities to promote crypto learning, and use the platform to that effect for students. Better education around crypto will lead to fewer people being scammed, as well as allowing businessmen to assess where and how they can use blockchain better to improve their business.


Given how quickly crypto is advancing in terms of adoption, especially online, this sort of educational program is extremely vital to making it easier for people to understand and use crypto. Various online payment platforms have begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, as have online gambling and casino websites. Any casino that accepts crypto is highly successful in India, due to the fact that crypto gives a lot of advantages to users in terms of privacy, speed of transactions and safety. Being a digital asset, the first adopters will always be online, but this also increases the potential for fraud, and thus it is important to educate potential investors and users.


CoinDCX has also stated that it plans to upgrade its content in the future to include advanced topics such as smart programming, and more technical and in-depth guides, once it believes enough users have grasped the basics. This is an encouraging development, and there are various other educational institutions and organizations who are looking to improve the public’s knowledge around crypto in India. Indian IT behemoth Tech Mahindra recently partnered with Idealabs, a tech startup, to launch certification courses on blockchain, for example. This is not just being seen in India. In Canada, the York University’s School of Continuing Studies announced two blockchain courses earlier this year, one full-time and one part-time. Elsewhere, in Australia, the RMIT University added two postgraduate courses in blockchain and cybersecurity for students to pursue. These examples show how it is important for education programmes around crypto and blockchain, given that these are relatively new technologies, and are not widely understood by many who invest in them, let alone the general public.

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