Indian Institute of Education Management (IIEM) to Organise Teach-a-thon, virtual teaching hackathon

Hyderabad: Teach-a-thon is a virtual teaching hackathon and conference for teachers and by teachers. Conducted by Indian Institute of Education Management (IIEM), this annual event is supported by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex Association (BSSCA) and Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex Association (HSSCA) and Tutoroot ( Teachathon 2021 is scheduled on Sep 17, 18 and 19, 2021.


Teachathon was ideated with a need to provide teachers with pedagogical inputs for the benefit of students and to improve teaching skills. This annual event is for all teachers to showcase their innovations in teaching. Experts in teaching from across the country come together on a common platform to educate, engage, encourage and empower one another to take on the challenges that lie ahead. It is a unique platform for both practising and aspiring educators to get their innovative and futuristic teaching ideas reach the larger community. Last year, the first-ever edition of Teachathon – Teachathon 2020 – saw a very good response in spite of the pandemic. The theme for Teachathon 2021 is National Education Policy (NEP) – from concept to implementation. Teachathon 2021 is supported by


Teach-a-thon 2021 has the following format:


· Hackathon [contest] for teachers: to pitch their instructional and assessment design ideas, teaching expertise and experience across the best teaching minds across the country. There are 2 rounds for this hackathon. The jury consists of former and current principals and teachers and are experts in their chosen field. The contestants have 10 streams to choose from ranging from Mathematics to Arts.


· Webinars on various topics in education: Experts across the country share their thoughts, ideas and experience on pedagogy, instructional design, assessment design, feed forward, data analysis etc.