Indian Institute of Management, Bodh Gaya is organizing its annual Leadership Summit, ‘Netritva’

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Management, Bodh Gaya is organizing its annual Leadership Summit, ‘Netritva’ on 23rd and 24th of November 2019. In this event, IIM Bodh Gaya is inviting eminent leaders of the corporate and media world to the college campus to impart knowledge and share the inspiring journey of becoming a leader in the ever-changing world of business management and media, and the challenges that come along. On one hand, the event aims to celebrate the achievements of the leaders of India and appreciate the role of the fourth pillar of democracy -media- in creating and developing opinions and worldview among the present and future leaders of India. On the other, it tries to broaden the horizons for the students of the college, who will be future leaders of India.
The event will host three-panel discussions, two on the 23rd and one on 24th, and three keynote addresses. The first and third panels will feature corporate leaders, while the second will be dedicated to the media. The keynote speakers are Mr Gaurav Sangtani of Jigyasa Foundation, Dr Rajeev Bhadauria of Ebullient, and Mr Harsh Kumar, Executive Director, IBM. The esteemed panellists hail from eminent companies and organizations. In the first panel will feature women leaders of India – Ms Amita Karadkhedkar, VP, CitiBank, Ms Yamini Krishnan, Director- HR, IQVIA, Ms Aparajita Roy, Director-HR, PHFI, and Ms Saswati Sinha, Head HR, Cheil India, who will discuss on the topic “Diversity in Leadership Roles”. This panel aims at addressing the issues of how diverse leadership in organizations influence various performance parameters, what factors have resulted in this paradigm shift, and how increasing diversity in leadership roles can change the structure and working of the modern organization. The third panel will comprise of Ms Shrabani Basu, VP – HR, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mr Sanjay Chandel, VP and Head HR, Sterling India, Mr Satyajit Mohanty, Chief HR Officer, Crompton Greaves, and Mr Rakesh Singhania, Chief Financial Officer, Wells Fargo. This panel will address the topic, “Challenges faced by Leaders of Modern India”, to help the students understand the challenges associated with leadership, including those which are exclusive to the Indian scene, and how to manage them. In consideration for the second panel, which is a media panel, is the topic, “Changing Landscapes of Newsrooms”. This discussion will provide the students with insights regarding the working of newsrooms, and how the emergence of new technologies and changes in socio-cultural norms affect them. It will also address the role of social and digital media in creating outlooks among the population, and how to effectively make use of these factors.
This event is being organized by the Media and PR Cell of IIM Bodh Gaya in association with the Placement Committee. The main aim of the event is to facilitate interaction between the present leaders of India and the students of IIM Bodh Gaya, who will take up the mantle of leadership in future. The experience and perspectives offered by the eminent leaders of today will enlighten the students as they move forward in their journey to become the next generation of leaders of India.