Indian NGO PRDTI Announces The Launch Of Its Global Operations Via Giving For Humanity


The Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI), a Ghazipur based civil society organisation (CSO) that focuses on promoting and strengthening communities using a rights-based approach announces the launch of its global wing, Giving for Humanity.

As an immediate priority, Giving for Humanity aims at extending 360 degree support to COVID-19 affected individuals around the world. Starting their operations in India, the foundation plans to make use of existing resources to make masks, sanitizers, and provide dry rations to affected societies. The organisation also plans to collaborate with other non-profit organisations in India and abroad to provide cash and in-kind relief to affected individuals who have lost their jobs and means of basic food and medical needs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Giving for Humanity plans to use a systematic data-driven approach to identify communities that are in dire need and that have not yet been approached with aid with the aim of reaching up to 2 million people in its first phase of relief activities.

Kapil Dev Kesari is the benign soul behind this charity organisation and has been working towards the upliftment of marginalized societies in India for over35 years. Kapil Dev Kesari has represented India at various World Social Forums and international conferences in the past and has been a promoter of girl child education, equal rights, employment and nutritional health across the states of North India.

Kapil Dev Kesari shared, “Every bit of effort and intention counts in a situation like COVID-19 where daily means of living has become a challenge to millions of daily wage workers and marginalized societies. Our primary concern is to ensure that we make masks and sanitizers available to individuals so that they can be self-armed with protection. We aim to reach the innermost sections of the society where neither aid nor awareness is accessible.” We plan to use our infrastructure and network with relevant supporting entities to provide aid to societies in need.