Indian origin TriByte Technologies redefining the meaning of learning on a global scale

New Delhi: TriByte is a Bengaluru-based technology company, started in 2010, providing a robust eLearning Platform that provides Interactive and Personalized learning. Due to education being pigeon-holed by the restrictive techniques of traditional learning, education has transformed from a process of acquiring knowledge to a system dictated by grades and scores. It has been 11 years and TriByte has taken several strides in not just shaping up the learning process for students but has also helped shape the EdTech space in India.

While Self-paced learning helps students decide their pace of learning, Adaptive Learning is just as important as it molds itself to the learners’ needs and their progress to help customize a unique and personalized experience for them. Furthermore, by offering Gamified Learning, TriByte aspires to make learning personalised and engaging for students.

While TriByte is viewed as an online source of education, the company has taken several strides to promote accessibility, surpassing the restrictions presented by geography, the digital divide, and more. Making learning offline is the first step in helping bridge the challenge of online learning, as it supports students who now dictate how and where they learn from. Additionally, TriByte’s services can also be accessed via multiple devices like PC/laptops, mobiles, and tablets. In an attempt to make education as accessible as possible, the services are available in multiple language. This ensures that digital education reaches the hinterlands where the local language dominates. TriByte has already made its mark in twenty-five countries and has deployed the LMS in over 8 Indian and international languages.

TriByte has provided its services to major players in the online education sector like Aakash Education, Wadhwani Foundation, Azim Premji University, LEAD Schools amongst many others. Over time, they plan to use their resources to further invest in Adaptive and Personalized learning for students all over and diversify the education sphere. LEAD Academy, which recently raised $100 Mn, valued as a Unicorn, on 13 January 2021, is also backed and powered by Tribyte Technologies.

Manoj Chawla, Chief Business Officer at TriByte said, “As widespread as digitization is, it also can be limiting. There are several people who are held back from moving forward due to technology not being deployed, restricting them to the archaic systems of education. TriByte is a company that is committed to introducing student-centric learning all over the globe because learning knows no bounds.”



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