Indian Revival Group showcases the essence of India with ‘The Wonder That is India’ Performance at Sangeet Kala Akademi’s ICH Festival – KALEIDOSCOPE

New Delhi  : Indian Revival Group celebrated the rich multi-cultural heritage of India by showcasing a riveting pan India journey –The Wonder That is India on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 at Sangeet Kala Akademi’s ICH Festival – KALEIDOSCOPE.

The dance ensemble of 25 members showcased 10 diverse dance forms representing 10 distinct regions of India ranging from folk to classical to tribal and martial under the Direction & Choreography of Yog Sunder Desai, Papiha Desai and Shashidharan Nair. The awe inspiring spectacle is designed by Papiha Desai aimed at invoking the spirit of India in one and all.

The show was a cross cultural fusion that included five Classical dance forms- Odissi, Manipuri, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Kathak, one Martial dance form- Mayurbhanj Chhau from Orissa, one Tribal dance form- Gaur Maria from Chhattisgarh and three Folk dance forms- Kalbeliya-Rajasthan, Garba & Raas – Gujarat, Bhangra-Punjab to bring forward the real essence of a country as rich and diverse as India in a sequence that ultimately culminated into a combined heart-throbbing extravaganza bringing all dance forms strung together into one representing integrity and unity of Indians – Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat.

For over Seven decades Indian Revival Group has contributed dearly to promote culture and traditional values in India and abroad by creating surreal experiences for audiences to take home and ponder upon later.

Having participated at prestigious conferences and events of various ministries of Government of India as well as other well known organisations, the group has received tremendous of audience appreciation.

From representing India at Vietnam at the Haiphong Festival on behalf of ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs to performing all over France and at Morocco and Italy at the prestigious Festival of India for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, the group has been staging shows worldwide including ticketed ones that drew packed houses, standing ovations and rousing applause with 3 encores for artists to appear at the end to bow!

About Indian Revival Group: Indian Revival Group is a premier dance ensemble of India, celebrating Seventy three years of an unbroken chain of existence since its inception in 1948. Founded by Shri Yog Sunder, a distinguished choreographer who ranks amongst the pioneers, the Group has crossed momentous milestones in its career of Seven decades. The Group has performed 5000 shows and conducted 500 tours through the length and breadth of the country. The Group has represented the country many times abroad as an official cultural delegation. Recently the Group toured France and performed at the Festival of India in Morocco and Italy. The Group had the honour of performing at the first command performance for the first Prime Minister and the first President of India at the Rashtrapati Bhawan and before many national and international leaders. The Group has produced many productions of high artistic merit designed by great masters.

The Group is currently led by Papiha Desai, a multitalented dancer and choreographer who has created a remarkable body of choreographic work in the last three decades, which has been performed and presented globally and Shashidharan Nair, a renowned choreographer of India.

The Group’s founder, Shri Yog Sunder Desai, has been honoured by Government of India’s Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his lifetime contribution to the field of Dance. The Group is dedicated to the cause of furthering the rich multi-cultural heritage, mythology, philosophy and glory of India.

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