Indian roots with global vision – International Business School of Washington


Vinay Lamba President of International Business School of Washington (IBSW), a US based educational Institute made its global foray with high-profile Fashion and Business School in Bangalore and Dubai.

International Business School of Washington (IBSW) is an institution deeply dedicated to the mission of growing student with INDIAN VALUES, GLOBAL VISION. The school aims to integrate academic excellence with value education and respect for our rich cultural heritage. The institution has been set with the objective of growing global leaders, while preserving and appreciating Indian roots. Parents and teachers are considered equal facilitators in helping students grow and develop to their fullest potential. With the focus on student-centric, interactive and activity based teaching methodology is adapted at International Business School of Washington.

Vinay Lamba President of International Business School of Washington (IBSW), said, “Today children in India are growing in a challenging and demanding environment. IBSW provides a safe platform and intellectually challenging environment that empowers students to embody self-confidence and become inspired learners to thrive in the 21st century. Also a strong requirement today is to simultaneously weave a firm moral fibre in the students’ personality. We make concerted efforts for a holistic development of the students. Our school activities are based on a participatory spirit which helps the students in becoming aware of their hidden potential. Our students have exhibited their best performance in academic and hands-on activities with support and guidance from our outstanding faculty and experienced mentors in different fields. We aim to keep students dreams and aspirations alive. The school atmosphere evokes a team spirit amongst the students and teachers with a conviction that ‘We can do it’. We recognize that there is a strong connection between classroom learning, and hands-on experience which we thrive on. It is a fact that education is not merely an exercise to impart knowledge but to train students to develop all their talents and leadership qualities to top the competitive world. I express my sincere gratitude to our faculty, mentors and administrative staff for their dedication, hard work and unrelenting support. It is rightly said that, “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement.” We are committed in taking purposeful actions to produce optimistic, independent and lifelong learners in the years to come”.

International Business School of Washington is dedicated to high academic standards fused with an intention to put young students in their transition years on a path of study of ‘self’ and self-knowledge. We provide an environment conducive to the holistic development and outstanding commitment to quality education.

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