Indian School of Business launches a website for Management Case Studies

Hyderabad: The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) at the Indian School of Business (ISB) brings out content in the form of case studies, articles, and simulations. Most cases are primary research-based studies focusing on today’s challenges in the Indian subcontinent and emerging economies. Based on in-depth interviews, these case stories are interestingly told, capturing the unique context and challenges of businesses. The cases are accompanied by detailed and intelligently crafted teaching notes that guide instructors who use them. CLMP’s extensive repository of India- and Asia-specific cases and teaching tools cover a range of disciplines, including entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, marketing, finance, operations management, organisational behaviour, and public policy.


In order to streamline access to this content and make the case studies more accessible to educators, students, and the general public, CLMP has launched the ISB Case Collection website. An interactive portal, the website allows users to search the extensive catalogue of case studies written by renowned ISB faculty, as well as authors from other leading business schools. Through the ISB Case Collection website, educators can discover new ideas and content for their courses. At the same time, students can learn about contemporary business challenges, particularly in India, Asia, and other emerging markets.


The ISB Case Collection is available at After registering as an educator, student, or other individual, case studies can be purchased and downloaded for use. In addition to the case catalogue, the portal also delivers free-to-read content in various engaging formats, covering articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics. Contributors comprise thought leaders, business stalwarts, global and regional experts, as well as established researchers and academics.


Launching the ISB Case Collection website, CLMP Executive Director Prof. Saumya Sindhwani said, “Successful and effective education is not teaching alone. It is about enabling students to learn and self-discover, make decisions to handle problems in different situations. In this spirit, the ISB Case Collection website is another step in the school’s ongoing attempt to provide resources and direction to faculty to develop skills and relevant content for the classroom. In addition to the case catalogue, more interactive and bite-sized content can also be accessed, thereby adding to the portal’s utility in a variety of contexts. We hope that the ISB Case Collection website proves to be a boon to the overall business education landscape.”


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