Indian students bag 152 awards in Cambridge exams 2019/20

New Delhi: Cambridge International has conferred Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards to the top performing students from across India. This year, 127 students will receive 152 prestigious awards from Cambridge International to acknowledge their outstanding performances in the November 2019 and March 2020 exams series. The awards covered various subjects taken in Cambridge IGCSEs and Cambridge International AS & A Levels.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are given out globally to celebrate the highest performing students in qualifications recognised around the world by leading universities and employers. They recognise success in four categories – ‘Top in the World’, ‘Top in the Country’, ‘High Achievement Award’ and ‘Best Across’.

In total, 80 students across India won ‘Top in the Country’ awards, out of which ten are from Delhi. There were 14 students across the country who were awarded ‘Top in the World’ awards, meaning that they achieved the highest mark in the world in a particular subject, and 32 students won ‘High Achievement’ awards. Out of 152 awards, 11 awards were bagged by students from DPS International School in Delhi.

The achievements of those who won awards for their March exams are especially impressive, as the students successfully managed to maintain their focus and concentration on their studies despite the rising concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will unfortunately not be possible to hold any awards ceremonies this year, in the interests of student and teacher safety. But nothing can detract from the students’ success, whose achievements came across a range of subjects.

Christine Özden, Chief Executive, Cambridge International, said: ‘Our students in India have performed exceptionally well in what has been an extremely difficult and challenging year. I’m so pleased to see so many of them achieving such outstanding results.

‘It is a shame we are not to be able to celebrate with them in person at our annual ceremony, but they should all be extremely proud of what they have achieved, and I congratulate them all on their success.

‘These awards are among the most prestigious distinctions that young people can achieve. Every time a learner performs well in their Cambridge examinations, they open up a world of opportunities.  I hope this recognition will encourage the winners to go on to achieve even greater things in their next education steps and their future careers. I would also like to commend their teachers and families, who have done so much to support them in winning these awards.’

Mahesh Srivastava, Regional Director, South Asia, Cambridge International, added: ‘This year the awards are a testimony to the efforts and hard work of our students in the country. I would like to take a moment to recognise these academically advanced students for their achievements and to honour the parents and teachers who have helped foster their love of learning.

‘Every year we are witnessing more entries and better results from our schools in the region and are hoping to continue the momentum in the new world.’

Unfortunately, this year Cambridge International will not be able to give Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for the June 2020 series. This is because students did not take exams and therefore were not given marks, which are needed in order to calculate our award winners.

Every year nearly a million students worldwide study courses organised by Cambridge International, which has been providing international exams for more than 160 years.