Indian Terrain leads sustainability in high street fashion with a Fairtrade Capsule

Hyderabad: Over the years, sustainable and responsible consumers are encouraging brands to demonstrate transparency and sustainability in their supply chains.

Reaffirming its 20 year commitment, to offer best-in-class quality products to customers and echoing the nation’s call of creating strong national brands, India’s leading menswear & Boys wear brand, Indian Terrain has joined forces with Fairtrade India to create an exclusive sustainable fashion line that protects the environment and empowers Fairtrade farmers in Gujarat.


With the social and environmental footprint of fashion getting bigger it is becoming increasingly important for brands to drive change. Indian Terrain recognizes its role in making sustainable fashion more mainstream. The commitment to become India’s first High street brand to launch a Fairtrade capsule is a step in this direction. The Fairtrade labelled collection/capsule by Indian Terrain means that social and environmental sustainability standards have been followed at the farms and factories that make the collection/capsule. It means that – farmers have access to a fair price for their produce, no harmful pesticides were used, child labour was prohibited, and that the environment was protected while making these clothes.


Commenting on the association, Mr. Charath Narsimhan, Managing Director, Indian Terrain Fashions Limited said, “The world of fashion as we know it has been evolving and becoming more eco-conscious for a while now. There is a growing deliberation among consumers to adapt a more sustainable living. We have taken another step towards sustainability, by addressing these growing imperatives of trust, sustainability and quality through our association with Fairtrade India, thus becoming India’s first high street brand to create a product line exclusively made with Fairtrade cotton, sourced from farmers in the Surendranagar District of Gujarat.”

He further added, “Going forward we intend to produce over 50% of our entire portfolio with Fairtrade cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and organic & natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, sourced consciously and sustainably over the next three years. We will work with certified suppliers and highlight the traceability of the raw materials used, to ensure supply chain partners are aligned with our objectives. We will also extend the sustainability initiative to other processes through bio-degradable packaging and product circularity.”


Indian Terrain’s new collection in collaboration with Fairtrade India offers customers the most fashionable apparels with a responsible style statement. The variety of unique graphic prints, range of solid and pastel colors coupled with comfort of Indian Terrain clothing makes the collection a must have! The capsule collection currently offers a collection of tees including crew neck t-shirts for men and boys and will further be expanded by way of a larger collection comprising of shirts and trousers, apart from

t-shirts. Further, the more products customers purchase from the Indian Terrain Fairtrade collection, the higher is the portion of the Fairtrade Premium earned by the farmer organization. Sustainability makes you feel good.

Mr. Abhishek Jani, CEO, Fairtrade India said, “While the global fashion industry is reeling from the effects of CoViD-19, Indian Terrain has boldly taken a stand to promote sustainability. With the launch of their Fairtrade collection, not only is Indian Terrain demonstrating their deep commitment to the planet and to the vulnerable communities in their supply chains but also reassuring the Indian cotton farmers that they will find a market for their products and will receive a fair price. Brands and businesses operating in the fashion industry must recognize their role in either perpetuating the cycle of pollution and exploitation or becoming agents of positive change and social empowerment. Commitment of greater sustainability in cotton from a big domestic brand like Indian Terrain paves the way for future development projects in these farming communities and shines a ray of hope that the fashion industry can decide to come out of the pandemic with deeper commitments to environmentally and socially responsible fashion”

Indian Terrain embarked on its sustainable journey with the launch of its exclusive Earth Khaki product line, launched as a part of its SS20 collection. The entire collection is dyed with naturally obtained pigments. This journey will progress through the launch of the sustainable product line with Fairtrade India, currently available in select stores and on