Indian’s Largest Electric Bike Rental Company, eBikeGo leaps into the future with $300K funding from Start-Up Buddy.

Mumbai: Amristar based electric bike company, eBikeGo creates the pathway to a new future with ebikes for rental. The company is known to have started business in multiple cities already and plans to expand allover India.

Started in 2017, the company has been one of the largest ebike rentals brand in the country with more than 400 bikes on the road in more than 8 cities. They plan get more than 1500 bikes on the road by the end of this financial year. The brand is directly connected with delivery services like Zomato, Delhivery, Big Basket and many more companies to provide the delivery boys an environment friendly solution to speed up deliveries in the area. Apart from being environment friendly, ebikes also reduce costs for the delivery boys, giving them an opportunity to save more money. The Government has run numerous campaigns on clean energy and eBikeGo has been on the forefront of the fight against environmental pollution.

Recently, the company received a funding of $300,000 from Start-Up Buddy. On this occasion, Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder of eBikeGo said, “We believe in creating a marketplace for e-vehicles in the country. We have been dealing with environmental pollution for a long time and it’s time to up our game. We are happy to see that our investors and stakeholders believe in our product and its need to the Indian market.”

eBikeGo has also created numerous job opportunities for people wanting to work in the delivery business but couldn’t due to lack of a bike or not able to afford due to high fuel prices. The user-friendly solution that ebikes provides to the market can only see a brighter future in the Indian Auto Industry.