India’s first 5D assessment technology for Online learning with 24*7 doubt assistance for K12 students, launched by Cymatic

Mumai:Re-imagining the role of Technology in education, Cymatic, one the fastest growing ed-tech startup, becomes the first in India to launch ‘5D Assessment Framework’ for K12 learning. The 5D assessment framework, shall customize evaluation from expert teachers on their learning portal, and help students understand their progress under five dimensions. With this addition to their learning portal, the company intends to sync NEP with its vision to create new standards of learning & teaching, diversifying the scope of learning for both rural and urban India.

Cymatic is a pioneer for introducing “Interactive Virtual Classroom” and “Peer Learning using Synchronization” in India, delivering teachers directly to the students. Its indigenous platform, delivers online live classes, with smart class facility and AI to track the performance and monitor students during the session enabling students to adopt a goal-based approach towards learning.

Every individual is different and have different capabilities, therefore teaching everyone with same method is injustice to them. It in turn might develop a sense of inferiority over others. Instead, with better and more accurate assessment of students undertaken by different stakeholders like teachers and parents in consideration, they can build each student, an individual and customized learning path, which could lead to gradual, but effective improvement from amateur to pro.

The 5D Assessment framework shall evaluate students along five dimensions: purpose, student engagement, curriculum and pedagogy, assessment for student learning, and classroom (peer) environment and culture. This tool can be used as a lens for observing progress and growth, and help students deeply analyze their strengths and weaknesses, thereby allowing to work on the exact gaps affecting their studies, in their learning curve.

To further ease learning among students, Cymatic has also announced the launch of their Live Video Interactive class along with 24*7 Doubts assistance. The Live Video interaction will allow room for peer learning as well as generate personal coordination between students and teachers, giving each individual an equal opportunity to voice their opinions. This feature will also assist the teachers in monitoring and assessing the users, forming a reference point for the 5D assessment. Additionally, the 24*7 Doubts Assistance will enable students to solve their doubt at their convenience, encouraging them to keep their inquisitiveness alive. This feature has been developed keeping in mind the flexible study timings of today’s generation.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Kaushik Sharaf, CEO & Founder, Cymatic, said, “Education is every kid’s right and we at Cymatic have always focused on providing the students, with the quality education, leveraging technology. Growing up in a small town, I have faced various difficulties in obtaining good quality education of the same level as a metro city. Hence, I strongly believe that regardless of the background, every student deserves quality learning and along with that a sense of encouragement to keep them going. Working towards the same vision, we feel extremely proud to be the first Edutech start-up that has brought the 5D assessment framework to India, customizing learning for each student”


Bihar based EdTech start-up, Cymatic, is ranked among Top 5 startups from Bihar, and is the only EdTech company in the state to be recognized by the government of India, Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand. Cymatic is currently working with the different government to launch online classroom programmes in villages of the state. Along with this, it is developing an app that meets the needs of the government. Cymatic, with its AI based adaptive learning, is also launching regular e-classroom programmes for other boards, including ICSE, CBSE and different State boards.


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