India’s First Customised Immunity Range Launched By Vedix

Hyderabad: Vedix, India’s first customized ayurvedic beauty and wellness company makes its foray into the immunity segment with the launch of its customized immunity range. With this launch, the company aims to introduce Ayurveda-based health solutions for customers to boost their immunity in a more holistic way.

The Indian immunity industry has witnessed a surge, as people are keen to prepare and strengthen themselves in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. The last few months have brought on a realization of the importance of preventive medicine, impacting consumption patterns, and increasing the demand for immunity boosters and preventive products. With its new range, Vedix brings the rejuvenating and detoxifying Ayurvedic elements that help the body replenish itself, while maintaining a sound digestive system.

As per the Ayurvedic Tridosha Theory, health issues are caused due to a vitiated state of doshas in your body, leading to disruptions in internal body mechanisms. Vedix has observed that Ayurveda can not only help in stabilizing doshas, but also boost immunity and offer other health-related benefits.

“Today, every individual across the globe needs to be in an optimum state of health. Vedix has evolved a holistic, organic range to boost the immunity of its users and provide additional protection against common ailments and infections. Hours of extensive research and collaboration with experts, paired with the deep-rooted benefits of Ayurveda has led to the inception of this range,” says Chaitanya Nallan, Co-Founder, Vedix.

He further adds, “Our in-house scientists have delved into the world of Ayurveda to curate its benefits for those with chronic heart, lung or even skin issues. Each of us are unique in our own way and need to be cared for differently. While mass-produced drugs and off-the-counter products may have their desired effect, our concern-specific products, bring to the forefront the profound benefits of Ayurveda and encourage a more holistic, personalized and organic approach to self-care among consumers.”

All the offerings are in capsule format and Vedix is planning to expand this range of customised supplements as well. Customers have to go to the website and answer a series of questions related to their lifestyle, health concerns, hair, skin and other issues. All of these parameters are taken into consideration to curate a hyper-personal chart stating the right ingredients and Ayurvedic mix for each individual.