India’s First Woman Author Writes on Sales, ‘Romancing Targets’ by Nidhi Vadhera Launched Worldwide

Bengaluru: In ‘Romancing Targets’, Author Nidhi Vadhera shares with you a systematic approach to understand the sales process which will empower you to embrace sales targets and achieve results without getting burnt in the process.

A leading sales coach, business consultant and India’s first woman author on sales to lift the curtain off the ground-breaking realities about sales, Nidhi offers simple palatable chunks that are easy to comprehend – beginning with how our own mind-set is responsible for the results we generate, to learning about the mandatory components which help sellers overcome challenges. ‘Romancing Targets’ shows you a systematic approach to embrace targets and achieve results through 7 effective steps carefully examined and explained in the book. There are two critical messages in the book for everyone. One, selling is for everyone and two, the days of hard selling are over. There is a learning for every person in the hierarchy with a passion for sales and numbers, if you are new to selling, this book will provide you deep insights. If you are a seasoned sales person, this book will serve as a reminder to the fundamentals that make you a great sales person.

The author on this occasion quotes “Every passing thought in your mind has the potential of becoming your reality; selling is the game of managing these thoughts.” Nidhi urges a seller to understand instead of mastering two thousand strategies to improve your sales, zero in on altering your mind-set first.

The book was launched on December 05, 2020 with Ms. Uzma Irfan, Founder Sublime & Director, Corporate Communication, Prestige Group. During the launch they talked about what inspired the author to write a book on sales, her journey of discovering sales, the key audiences and why women should be on the forefront of the selling arena. The online LIVE event was a grand success which was received with great engagement and applaud on multiple digital platforms.