India’s largest Career Fair for Young Adults to be held on December 1st!

​​Mumbai: India’s largest Career Fair, open to all, is to be held by ​​​​Billabong High International School, Santacruz on 1st December’17, Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. ​I​n order to empower young adults to make education and career choices that match their individual skills and interest. Inclusive of several top Universities and schools of India, th​e program spans across the critical years of adolescence, helping young adults explore college and career possibilities, develop education plans and understand their own role in achieving success all under one roof. It also aims to provide career related guidance to the learners and offer an insight into their abilities, all under one roof.

​​“At our Career Fair, the students will be informed about different national and international institutions that exist, rewarding career paths along with advantageous opportunities available to them. It gives us great pleasure to be a part of such a big decision in our students’ lives” said ​​Ms. Kusum Kanwar, Principal, Billabong High International School – Santacruz​.​

​​“In tandem with our schools’ philosophy and vision, this is a big step towards self-empowerment along with the necessary guidance that we are more than happy to provide!” said ​​Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder, Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School.

In collaboration with Brainwonders, it is touted to be a life-changing and a great learning experience.

​​“At Brainwonders, we concentrate on the philosophy of multiple intelligence and the ‘Happy Child’ concept, which highlights the fact that the best hands to shape your child’s future are his/her own, aided by proper guidance to enable them to identify their inborn intelligence” says ​​Ms. Afreen Shaikh, Clinical Psychologist, Brainwonders​.

​The following Educational Bodies and Universities will be present at the Career Fair –
• Cambridge Assessment International Examinations
• Flame University
• University of Ireland
• Amity University
• Russell Square International College
• Study Network (Canada, Australia, France)
And more!

Being India’s largest Career Fair for Young Adults, it will provide an excellent opportunity for students to discover their potential educational options as per their requirements in key skill areas.

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