India’s Largest Study to Understand the Impact of the Pandemic on Industry Launched by the Global Engineering Body – the IET

Bengaluru: As India completes close to a month of lockdown major challenges across industries – both at individual and enterprise levels are now becoming clearer.

The Indian arm of the IET has announced the start of a massive dialogue with industry and academia to understand these issues. Under the banner of its already established IET India Digital Conversations, this study will create a platform for professionals across various career stages, to voice their deepest concerns regarding the uncertainties they envisage. These discussions named ‘Your post COVID strategies’ will throw up the biggest challenges of India’s professional world and how the future will completely change due to them.

IET India would like to invite people from varied backgrounds and experience to participate in this study. The format of this study will be similar to a focus group discussion – therefore, every attendee gets a chance, to not just share their perspectives but also hear about the challenges that their peers are grappling with. There will be a series of discussions starting from 4 May 2020. The form to participate in these discussions are now available: These can also be found on IET India’s social media handles. IET India encourages all professionals to step forward and voice their opinion to bring about a positive change in the future of work.

Speaking about the initiative, Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India said, “The IET has always taken pride in being a constant source of support to engineering professionals, worldwide. This initiative will help us consolidate the voices of professionals across sectors and career stages, so that we get a 360 degree view. We are hopeful that the perspectives that we gain will help enterprises shape useful approaches to address the concerns of Indian workforce.”