India’s next generation at ease with technology and can leverage it for their security – Godrej Security Solutions Survey


Mumbai: Nearly two in three children below the age of eight have made already made their first phone call. While 89% have emergency numbers handy according to a survey by Godrej Security Solutions.

The survey highlights the ease with which the next generation incorporates technology gadgets in their lives and how it can be leveraged to enable security parameters to ensure children’s safety. Child safety has always been a top concern for parents and schools. As per data released by Delhi Police as many as 357 cases of crime against women and children were reported in the first month of 2019 in Delhi itself! Lot of debates and blame-game goes around in regard to the responsibility to be taken for children safety in our country. But no one knows what allusion children have in their mind when it comes to their safety. In light of such events, Godrej Security Solutions conducted a survey as part of their initiative called School Connect Program which was conducted across 12 private schools in Delhi wherein they interviewed a total of 5465 students to understand what children feel and know about their safety and security.

The survey also reveals that 27% of children younger than 8 are not allowed to play outside in their parents’ absence and 82.2% of children younger than 8 do not feel safe at home without their parents. Shockingly, today almost 70% of children (between the age group of 8-10 years) are not allowed to go outdoors which is way higher than the global average of 56%. All of this boils down to the fact that the youngest generations in our society are equipped to take charge of their own security, even when they are away from their parents.

Expressing his views on the initiative, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice President and Global Head- Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions said, “While technology is no substitute for the care and affection of a parent, our research confirms that home technology solutions can enable parents to be assured of their child’s safety even in their absence. As a security solutions provider, we have always been committed to personal safety keeping in mind user convenience. This initiative is an extension of our campaign #IamSecure which garnered a lot of appreciation and resonated with every parent. Child security is a concern and we think the comfort of the youngest members in our society with mobile telephony will provide reassurance to their parents. Our products too are designed to suit the needs of the millennial parents who are on the move and wish to remain connected with their kids. We are living in a time where communication is the key, and with the penetration of internet it is even easier to keep track of people you love.”

In 2017, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) kick-started a multi-city consumer awareness campaign #IAmSecure with an aim to increase the adoption rate of security solutions and to build a safer country where citizens can confidently say ‘I Am Secure’. The campaign sought to empower people to take charge of their own security and on the importance of learning self-defence for leading a safer and secure life.

The survey was conducted through a written questionnaire and administered to students between the age group of 8- 18 years at 12 schools across Delhi. The survey is part of School Connect Program that was carried out by Godrej Security Solutions earlier this year.