Indira IVF provides clinical and embryology training through Indira Fertility Academy


New Delhi: Earlier infertility was considered as one of the very rare problems but now it has become a most common health issue due to the stressful lifestyle. IVF is one of the treatment which comes under Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and appropriate ART method is recommended only after the factors contributing to infertility are analyzed.

The rise of infertility problems and a strong impact in the ART field makes it more important to have well trained reproductive specialists in training like Clinical courses, Embryology training, etc. as it increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. For successful results, Indira IVF, a leading fertility chain in India provides clinical and embryology training through its Indira Fertility Academy (IFA).

Based in Udaipur, the institute offers advanced training at national and international level to candidates in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. IFA provides three-month and four-month training course for clinical and embryology course respectively costing $5,000 each. Each batch consists of 25 doctors or embryologists.

IFA runs courses throughout the year and provides best training and guidance in candidates’ academic excellence, cutting-edge technology and highly – skilled expertise. The training centre has been providing ART training since 2014.

Speaking about the academy, Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, Medical Director, Indira IVF, said, “The ART diploma course gives you intense knowledge about the complete ART process in selection, pre-cycle evaluation, selecting the best protocol for stimulation and the entire cycle to and through the embryo transfer. The course is targeting at beginners who want to refine the skills and choose this option as their career in the field of ART.”

Candidates get hands-on simulator training in clinical treatment, embryology, gamete handling, IVF, ICSI, embryo culture, gamete and embryo Vitrification. IFA helps candidates to interact with established clinical embryologists and reproductive medicine specialists. The course offers a lab tour of IVF lab setup.

Speaking about the same, Dr. Nitiz Murdia, Lab Director, Indira IVF, stated, “Embryology is confined not only to collection of gametes or embryos but it is about making embryos to achieve higher pregnancy rates. We have deployed senior embryologists as trainers who have over 10,000 IVF cycle experience. This course gives hands-on experience and focus on quality assurance parameters to run the lab successfully.”

In India, IVF industry is expected to grow at the CAGR of 28% and reach $775 million by 2022. As per the data, around 3 crore couples are diagnosed with infertility and it is gradually increasing. With more couples preferring IVF treatment, there has been an increase in the demand of trained embryologists.

Indira IVF has over 88 Fertility Hospitals across India with little over 200 Clinicians and 125 Embryologists performing over 33,000 Embryo Transfer a year and already have some 60,000+ successful IVF cases to their credit across the country. Indira IVF has an overall success rate of almost 74% which speaks about the standardization and use of the best protocols prevailing in the industry and underlines the vast experience of 4 decades in the field of Infertility.

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