Indus App Bazaar to host a webinar on ‘Decoding the Indian EdTech Story’ to explore the scalability of public-private edtech models

New Delhi: Indus App Bazaar, India’s largest indigenous app store enabling smartphone users to consume apps & content in their preferred language, is hosting a webinar on ‘Decoding the Indian EdTech Story’ on July 1, 2021, at 6 PM.


The webinar will feature Sahil Modi, Manager – Ad Ops, Indus OS and Neeraj Doddamane, Manager – Strategy and Growth, ShikshaLokam as panelists moderated by Aditya Kshirsagar, Product Evangelist, Aditya Mitra Mandal. Join the special interactive session with industry experts here and gain insights into the future of online education and the EdTech sector in India.


In 2020, the global education technology market size was estimated at USD 89.49 billion, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.9% from 2021 to 2028, indicating the accelerated growth of the EdTech industry. With digital technology increasingly becoming an integral part of the new-age education system, the EdTech sector is likely to expand exponentially in the near future.

Having said that, the industry is facing several obstacles and challenges, such as scaling up sustainably, overcoming infrastructure hurdles, and retaining growth. To become a successful part of this ever-evolving sector, one needs to decode the journey of the Indian EdTech story first. Against this backdrop, the webinar will focus on the evolution of the EdTech industry, the role of leadership programs in the Indian education context, and the future of the Indian EdTech space. The panelists will also shed light on the importance of enabling leaders and aligning the ecosystem for sustainable development in the EdTech sector.

The session will primarily focus on the subsequent billion users and discuss how to educate users about the digital world through rich content curation – mentioning the Back to School collection and the idea behind the same. It will touch on how different regions across India adapted the online education system in their unique ways. The panelists will also discuss how the pandemic has catalyzed the growth and evolution of education technology globally, including India.


Talking about the EdTech sector, Neeraj Doddamane, Manager – Strategy and Growth, ShikshaLokam, said, “The current pandemic has aggravated the education challenge in India and raised important questions like access, quality, role of adults and state systems. The EdTech industry has a golden opportunity to reflect, take a step back and reimagine what it means to educate the scale of India. Creating an environment that fosters co-creation among different actors (Samaaj, Sarkar, and Bazaar) is key to drive innovations. The scale and diversity in India also means that we need to focus on leadership in education and build an enabling environment that facilitates solving keeping context in mind. It’s also a good time to think about the principles that are kept in mind while designing technology for education- does it serve the scale and the enormity of the challenge present in front of us or will it continue to focus on certain niches of society.”

Speaking on this occasion, Sahil Modi, Manager – Ad Ops, Indus OS, said, “With India’s largest youth population globally and the growing adoption of the technology in the lockdown months, the Indian EdTech sector has grown rapidly. The innovations in the sector such as cloud-based learning simulators for low bandwidth and social collaborations in online classrooms have enabled India to redefine learning and educating. We, at Indus OS, have also curated a special ‘Back to School’ collection on Indus App Bazaar to help in the discoverability and accessibility of educational apps and content that is relevant, locally as well as globally. The current times are ideal for the EdTech sector to uncover opportunities to reach the next billion smartphone users through an enhanced app store ecosystem and bring them into the digital world.”