Industry-Institute Meet at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)


Aligarh : Significant and innovative work coming out of the Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) stimulated trans-disciplinary discussions with high profile industry managers in the ‘Industry-Institute Meet’ at the ZHCET providing the faculty members, researchers and students with a dynamic platform to nurture and enhancing relations with the industry.

“Considering the global importance of industry-academia collaboration, we were putting in a lot of effort to make this event happen. Society benefits from university-industry research relationships as Industry-sponsored university research develops into practical applications,” said AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor at the inaugural function of the meet”.

Speaking on the collaborations of various Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management with the industry, Prof Mansoor pointed out that with the proximity to the National Capital region, AMU is at an advantage.

“The closeness to New Delhi and its satellite cities can bring in a lot of useful partnership with the major players and projects like the Jewar airport and Defence Corridor in Aligarh have opened doors for facilitating the transfer of expertise and research in these projects”, he emphasised.

The Vice Chancellor stressed: “We need to inculcate the industry work culture among our students—which I am sure will be very easy as AMU students and our alumni have always excelled in team work”.

He urged the young and senior teachers to make time for engaging students in innovative industry related work after their classes to acquaint them with the latest skills and advances.

“We stand proud that the ZHCET has been ranked 34th in the NIRF rankings besides featuring in the top most engineering colleges in various rankings”, said Prof Mansoor adding that the Innovation Council and the Incubation Centre of the university have vital roles to play for further improvements.

The Vice Chancellor pointed out that ZHCET has several collaborations which include the Smart City Project and several other collaborations with the heavy industry.

“I am sure that the further collaborations will benefit both the industry and our engineering college,” he said.

On the occasion, the Vice Chancellor also inaugurated the Industry Institute Partnership (IIP) Cell and the Professional Innovators (PI) Club of the university.

Prof Pervez Mustajab (Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology) spoke on the increasing research deals between companies and universities and how industries are seeking access to the best scientific and engineering minds in specific domains.

The industry-academia partnership also plays an important role in the accreditation process,” he said.

Prof M M Sufyan Beg (Principal, ZHCET) briefed the industry participants with the history of the engineering college.

“State-of-the-art teaching-learning process at ZHCET keeps strengthening the learning outcomes and employability of the graduates. We are further improving the Research and Development at the engineering college and enhancing interaction with Industry”, said Prof Sufyan.

Mr Ajay Patel (Secretary, Indian Industries Association—IIA Aligarh Chapter) said: “Industries are looking for technology transfer in robotics. I urge students to examine the technology-readiness levels and measure market readiness of innovative technology.

He also spoke on how engineering students can find solutions for waste management in Aligarh.

“This event will put students in contact with real stakeholders and make them understand how companies now have a greater appreciation for the expertise of academic researchers and how that can contribute to the business success”, said Manish Bansal (IIA Aligarh Chapter).

He also spoke on the role engineering students and researchers can play in the Defence Corridor, the polishing sector and other areas to make significant contributions to the economy.

Prof Arshad Umar (Principal, University Polytechnic), Dr Salma Shaheen (Principal, University Women’s Polytechnic), Prof Mohammad Muzammil (Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering), Prof Salman Hameed (Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering), Prof Mohd Hasan (Department of Electronics Engineering), Prof Abdul Baqi (Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering), Prof M M Sufyan Beg (Principal, ZHCET and Chairman, Department of Computer Engineering), Prof Syed Akhlaq Ahmad (Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering), Dr Mohammad Azhar Aziz (Director, Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre), Dr Mohd Khalid Hassan (Chairman, Department of Architecture) and Prof Sarosh Umar (Coordinator, Industry Institute Partnership Cell-IIP Cell) introduced the industry participants with the work of various departments, centres and polytechnics of the university and spoke about how the strategic business-university research collaborations will provide a myriad of benefits both to the university and industry.

Participants from the IIA Aligarh Chapter and other industry federations spoke on why companies and universities should forge long-term collaborations.

“Both institutions and industries have much to gain from these collaborations since they promote the discovery of new synergies and models”, they said.

Different clubs under the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)-ZHCET demonstrated their innovations including the ZFR 5.0, formula-style car and Albatross, the hybrid vehicle of the Team Green Warriors.

Prof Mohammad Sajjad Athar (Coordinator, Innovation Council) extended the vote of thanks and Ale Imran conducted the programme.

Participants from the industry also presented certificates to the university officials.


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