Industry Leaders Set Out Vision for a Smarter India at Lenovo Tech World ‘22

Bengaluru: The first India edition of Lenovo’s flagship event Tech World ’22 came to a close yesterday. The two-day event by the global technology leader saw top Lenovo and industry leaders bring forth their unique perspectives on smart technology. Curated sessions included topics ranging from the next stage of transformation for a digital India, to innovation in technology for smart healthcare, security and education, with the overall theme ‘Enabling a Smarter India with Smarter Technology’.

More than 2000 attendees participated in the event, hailing from the technology industry, the public and private sector, education and industry, as well as consumers passionate about opportunities arising from the accelerating digitization of India.

Drawing attention to how technology will aid in transforming the digital divide, Amar Babu, President, Asia Pacific, Lenovo said, ““The past two years have shown us the power of technology to transform businesses, industries, and communities. But it has also exposed where – and for whom – digital access and transformation are most needed. Lenovo is eager to rise to the challenge of helping to bridge India’s digital divide, and help India deliver on its potential to become a global growth engine.”

During the keynote session, Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM said “India is at such an amazing point in time today because the world is waking up to the fact that inclusive technology is the need of the hour we have to build technology grounds up.  India actually figured this out many years back. Companies must build a strong partnership mindset for India to sustain this growth momentum.  As we script India’s techade, it will be all about ecosystem coming together not just supplying products and solutions one time, but joining hands to build sustainable and impact-led change.”


Click on Tech World’22 India Edition event website to watch and rewatch all the sessions.

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