Infections Rise, Online Gaming Thrives

India is one of the countries recording high cases of Covid-19 infections and deaths globally. So far, the country has cumulatively recorded over 32M coronavirus cases and about 500 thousand deaths. However, the Covid-19 situation seems to be good news to the online gambling industry. After the lockdowns, job losses, and closure of many businesses, many Indians resorted to online gambling to make some cash for survival. Although India has been one of the largest gaming markets globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has elevated the industry to greater heights.

The Indian online gaming market has outgrown other Asian and European markets and is now valued at $930million. That means India is now the most valuable gaming market worldwide. Comprehensive internet coverage in the country makes it easy for the online gaming industry to flourish. Players can easily play live online games via smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

What is the reason behind online casino gaming growth in India?

The growth of live online gambling in India during the Covid-19 pandemic period was influenced by various factors such as:

The Covid-19 Impact

How do you spend your time with this Covid-19 pandemic? Do you still have your business: how are you making your money? These easy questions should give you a rough idea of why Covid-19 is a significant factor in the growth of online gambling in India. Coronavirus control and management protocols implemented by the government since the beginning of the pandemic have had a considerable impact on the gaming industry.

For instance, the total lockdowns forced people to look for alternative ways of having fun and spending their free time. Many people opted for online gaming to pass the time and as a means of making extra cash.

As many people get used to online gambling, the gaming industry has become the biggest beneficiary. As of 2018, Indian online gamers were estimated to be around 269 million. The number has been on the rise, with 2020 recording 365 million online gamers. Online Gaming forecast predicts a further increase in the number of online gamers in India, estimated to hit 436 million by the end of the 2021 fiscal year.

Increase of online casino gaming

Online gaming investment in India has been growing for the last few years. Technology advancement is now making it easy for many online gamers to access online casinos on the go through the internet. Casino games are now available on mobile phones, and players can enjoy the game from their respective locations. The era of visiting gaming shops physically to play is not with us any more. Online casinos are now accessible via smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers.

There are also many online casino review platforms available in India, such as Winvio India. Here, you can read about the best online casinos available to Indian players, which bonuses they have to offer and what players think of them. Easy accessibility and a variety of online gambling games are some of the many reasons the gaming industry is rising in India.

Wide Internet Connectivity

India is among the countries with the strongest and widest internet coverage globally. To date, India has over 560 million internet users. That means all these internet users can easily access online games regardless of the electronic gadgets they are using. Easy access to the internet enables gamers to play and gamble on their favourite games easily.

Youth Population

75% of India’s population is below 45 years old and 50% below 25 years old, indicating that the country’s largest population is youthful. Although not all young people are gamblers, online gaming companies target the youthful population. Many gamblers between the age of 25 and 75 play online games to have fun and make money.


Adverts & Bonuses

The online casinos in India offer players irresistible offers to lure them into their gaming platforms. Besides, gambling companies are taking over the advertising space on mainstream and social media. Everywhere you go in India, you will find gambling adverts on billboards. You can’t watch or listen to radio or TV for an hour without coming across a gambling advert. On the other hand, players enjoy attractive bonuses every time they place their bets on different gaming platforms.

In summary, no one was certain of the growth of India’s gaming industry at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the industry outgrew the expectations in 2020 even with the surge of Covid-19 infections in the country. Experts are optimistic that the trend will be the same in the 2021 fiscal year, but it is a matter of wait and see. Gambling can be addictive; please play responsibly.

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