Infoglen Held Its Women Infogleners Circle For Women Empowerment On Its 6th Anniversary

Gurugram: The 6th Women Infogleners (WI) Circle was held on 12 November 2021, to equip women employees with strategies & tips to sharpen their networking skills and build stronger & dynamic professional networks.

The 6th WI Circle session was conducted on 12 November 2021, on the occasion of Infoglen’s six-year anniversary. Saba Ahmad, Infoglen’s Co-founder & COO, said, “The WI Circle is shaping Infoglen’s women empowerment agenda, focused on developing practices for an inclusive & equitable workplace that enables women to take up leadership roles in the tech industry.”

The aim of the WI Circle session was to harness the power of networking for women Infogleners, help them branch out and seek connection in groups left untapped, explore ways in which they can add value to their existing networks and ask for support. The WI Circle is an internal platform where Infoglen’s women employees come together to share experiences, resources & tools, celebrate their wins, identify strengths for leadership, address difficult workplace conversations, and challenge biases. Saba is at the forefront of the organization’s tech innovation & growth. She launched the WI Circle on International Women’s Day, March 08, 2021.

Under Saba’s leadership, Infoglen today comprises over 30% of women, many of whom occupy key management positions, such as Director of Engineering, Head of Finance & Operations — N. America, Head of Product Development, and Head of Business Systems Engineering. This was made possible due to the practices and policies championed at Infoglen to promote an empathetic, inclusive and empowering environment for fostering women leaders.

Infoglen believes that when a workplace is empathetic towards women, it is empathetic towards everyone — providing each team member with a positive employment experience, strengthening teams with synergy, and helping employees feel more secure at their jobs. The Business Systems Engineering (BSE) team is a key example of what women in tech can achieve when supported with the right opportunities. The team is responsible for building innovative tools for process automation, driving digital transformation within Infoglen. The team is led by women, with 90% of the members being women, out of which some have joined Infoglen right after career breaks.

Taking a break from work and then rebooting one’s career to get back in the job market is a major challenge that affects many working women. It has been of utmost importance for Saba and the central focus of Infoglen’s agenda to create an equitable workplace. Saba says, “We know that there is a huge talent pool of skilled & experienced women who are ready to get back in the workforce. Infoglen provides all women opportunities to reboot their careers by making the back-to-work transition easy — with just a little guidance, motivation, and training, they can become valuable contributors to any organization’s growth.” “We believe in the potential of women who have been away from work, and that’s where it all starts,” she further adds.

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