Infosys Collaborates with RXR Realty to Develop a Smart Office Platform Running on Microsoft Azure for Safe Return to Work

Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has collaborated with RXR Realty to build and deploy a comprehensive, award-winning smart building health and wellness solution running on Microsoft Azure. RxWell, a public-health-based, data-driven platform provides health and wellness insights and management tools for property managers, tenant administrators and office workers, to aid in the safe return to work following COVID-19. The solution is in place in 26 office buildings in New York City enabling nearly 1,000 businesses and 70,000 employees returning to work.

“Infosys is proud to have worked alongside RXR Realty and Microsoft to create and deploy an intelligent, secure, cloud enabled scalable solution in just a few months that will empower the safe return to work,” said Nitesh Bansal, Senior Vice President and Global Head for Engineering Services, Infosys. “The insights and tools available through RxWell will help businesses stay ahead of public health threats like coronavirus and keep workers safe as they return to the office, helping to kickstart local economies.”

The RxWell solution provides a rich set of tools to help ensure adherence to critical safety protocols such as capacity thresholds, mask wearing, social distancing and air quality. Features include a tenant app that guides workers in making decisions about coming to and staying safe at work, a Tenant Command Center to help administrators manage the safe return of their workforce and a Building Command Center to help property managers protect tenants, beginning with the proprietary Building Wellness Index (BWI). The team used Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Stack Edge, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Maps Creator, Computer Vision spatial analysis and more, all connected to an array of cameras and sensors throughout each building.

“Infosys has been instrumental to the overall success of the RxWell program, involved in every step of the journey, and collaborating across product requirements, design, development and deployment,” said Cory Clarke, Vice President of Product Management, RXR Realty.

“Infosys’ contribution to RxWell, supported by Microsoft Azure IoT and other Azure services, provides customers with a comprehensive set of tools to support return-to-work policies and implementation,” said Bert Van Hoof, Partner Group Program Manager, Azure IoT, Microsoft. “Infosys has delivered a scalable architecture for the suite of RxWell solutions.”

Infosys collaborates with Microsoft on solutions for smart buildings and spaces. RxWell, which was built combining Infosys’ world-class engineering services capabilities with Azure services, is a scalable, secure platform combining cloud, on-premise and edge technologies. In November 2020, RxWell was named a Realcomm 2020 Digie Award winner for “Best COVID Tech.”

Infosys’ deployment of RxWell across RXR Realty’s building portfolio is the first step in the optimization of the product. The solution will be expanded with functions around energy efficiency and predictive maintenance, and features involving frictionless building access, space utilization and productivity. The platform is ready for deployment at commercial office real estate developers and operators, as well as enterprise companies with control of their campuses and buildings.